Believing In The Dream And Taking Action

There’s something Evan and I said we’d never do. 

Work for ourselves. 

We’ve watched both our parents sweat over tax bills and curse over paperwork. 
Pull long hours and break their backs. 

Yet here we are. 

Six years ago I didn’t actually think of myself as being a business woman, and still don’t in some ways. 
I didn’t want that corporate 9-5 life and I sure as hell didn’t want to wear one of those pencil skirts.
But I do run multiple businesses now. 

I get asked fairly regularly, 'what do you actually do’?

Mostly I want to say ‘whatever I want’ because it feels a bit that way. 

Because when you’re multi passionate it’s hard to explain to people without sounding like a flake. 
So I alter it to make sense depending on who I’m speaking to. 

Oh - you need funeral books. Great, I happen to have a funeral stationary company. 
You want a new product developed, guess what?, I know how to do that so I’m your girl. 
Speak at your event, happy to, speaker it is. 
Write your idea into life, I’m on it. 
Coach you through your new business idea, love to, come on over.

I don’t have big official companies for every one of these things, and the way I work may seem scattered but I guess the answer to ‘what do you do?’ really is, WHATEVER I WANT!!

That doesn’t mean I get to avoid ‘doing the actual work!’ but when you love it it's not really work at all is it. 

People who are trying to start businesses or frustrated in their 9-5 jobs end up talking to Evan and I quite often and we’re really honest with them. 
We’re still figuring out how to make the big gains we want. 
Still on the road and learning. 

They ask strategic questions and it makes me laugh. 
I don’t have massive strategies. I’m no strategy expert. 

I am an ideas girl. 
I dream things into life and then just hold tight to the belief that they’re going to happen.

And no, we didn’t have loads of money at the start so we could just swan around and pay people to do everything for us and build our companies.
In fact, back when we were first married, Ev took more than a 50% pay cut from his lucrative job as a web designer to work for a company he felt passionate about and he worked there for eight years when we had young kids. All while we chose that I would stay home with our kids for a while when they were young during that time so, hello one income for a long time. 

But it’s amazing how things have aligned at the right times, just when we’ve needed them. 
Because, belief. 

In the middle of not having much we dreamt, and DECIDED to believe it could happen. 
And kept deciding. 

Deciding that we would follow our intuition. 
Go with our gut. 
Follow the promptings. 
Chase the dream. 
Do the things we knew were our next right thing to do. 
Faithful in the little. 

Are we millionaires?.. Not yet.
Have we changed the world.. Not yet. 

But we’re dreaming about it, believing in the dream and taking action so it’s just a matter of time.