Divine Intuition

Did you know your divine intuition is actually a real quantifiable force as well as something woo woo and out there?

It's the ability to see the end from the start without knowing how it could be. 

It is faith in your ability to know something even when you don’t understand how or why you know it. 

The beautiful thing is... ‘A woman's intuition’ which is so often ridiculed by men is more than an ethereal concept. 

It is a magical wonderful mind muscle. 
One which women have had to exercise much more than most men over their lifetime, simply by virtue of being born female. 

And it’s smart. You have programmed it over your lifetime of being told you’re the weaker sex and women are victims so it has done it’s job and looked for every way you can prevent harm from happening to you. 

It has built an extensive catalogue of potential threats and is ready to jump up and down to remind you whenever it needs to, if only you would stop shutting it down. 

Listening to that deep seated intuition is what we need to do if we want stand in our power. We have to first satisfy our internal need for safety. 

Listen well, act on that intuition as required and every time you do you will be telling your unconscious mind… We’re all good here. I’m paying attention to what you need. 

Suddenly, that safety need is being met so our mind knows we’ve got things covered and it can move on with the higher self things. 

It’s like a surge guard on an electrical cord. 
Go ahead, do what you need to do it says.. Be great and stand in your power. Do the work you were born for. 

I’ll look out for anything you need to know about and tell you if we need to deal to it. 

Now thats some amazing divine design right there!. 

p.s - I am SOOOO excited!!!!
It's really almost here. 
I'm working on the almost very last bit tonight. 
Something so fabulous about women standing in their power that I cannot WAIT to share with you!!!