Do YOU Feel Safe To Be YOU?

What if you’re not too much at all?

The bigness, boldness and randomness that is you.
What if all that is just getting started?!
This is just the surface of your brilliance and there's so much more brewing. 

What if beat up, straight up, hit you up is your style?
Can you still be all that and do it with kindness when you speak?

These are the questions I find I’m asking myself again. 

I set out with good intentions, always, as I imagine you do too most times. 
Sometimes it’s true, words fall out of my mouth which I wish I could drag back in. 
I scold myself for overstepping.
Wish I possess a stronger measure of control.

Then I remember what happens when I speak. 
Not everyone will like it, in fact they might downright disagree with it, but some people will LOVE it. 

Do you feel that? How some people gush and others are triggered by what you say?
And you wonder what’s wrong with YOU?
Did you get it wrong?
Are you safe to be all of YOU?

When really, it’s just how it is that some people simply won’t like you or your opinions. 
They won’t agree and that’s ok. 

But the others, the ones who LOVE you.
For those people, there’s breakthrough and change on the end of your words. 

Not because you’re any particular kind of special, but because when you're brave enough to speak truth it throws light into dark places.

This has been such a journey for me to learn. 
To understand that not everyone is going to like my opinions and what I have to say. 

But that doesn’t mean I should stop. 

So I dance with truth and grace.
Looking for the beauty. 
Choosing the right things to tango with. 
Acknowledging that it’s ok to be me. 
I get down to that core fundamental need for safety and remind myself. 

I am SAFE to be me.

Remember, It’s ok to be you. 
So I wonder… Do YOU feel safe to be YOU?


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