What do you choose today?

There’s a feeling you get when you just show up anyway. 
As you are, no pretence, no questions, just you and what you’re about to do. 

It’s the blank page feeling and you bring yourself to it to see what words will spill out today. What feelings they will create. What will happen in the moment. 

The rolled out mat and a sequence of body movements that just flow into each other. You start with nothing yet generate sweat and muscle. 

The empty bowl and a bunch of ingredients which turn into to die for meals and treats. 

A quiet day with children and a choice to say yes to connection which ends in beautiful chances to teach and grow then you end up with more knowing of who they are.

So many days I have such grand ideas about the kind of mother I’m going to be and how I’ll do it so well today. 

Ideas about being healthier, looking a certain way, feeling fitter. 

Good intentions with menu plans and more vegetable content in our meals. 

This week, I’ve tried to show up in different areas of my life, with a plan, a structure, a 1-5 step by step that is what I think I SHOULD be doing. 

Those things always fall flat for me. 

It felt like I was trying to work it all out and someone had turned the resistance dial up to 99. 

And I’m glad. 

I’m glad for the reminder that it’s not all about sequence and logic and step by step. Not in my world anyway. 

Thankful for the reminder that I live and breathe best when everything I do is about creativity and flow. 

More is achieved in those moments of ease and alignment with who I am designed to be than I could ever do by following some prescription. 

I move best when I’m in a dance with my intuition. a rhythm with my creator, a flow with my heart. 

Today I said yes to my children when they asked to stop for smoothies and we had the best conversations. We took photos of random things, we laughed and had FUN!!.

I chose food that my body felt good about, because it was what I needed and I continued to cleanse. 

Got to the gym because I felt a pull back to the mat and left stronger and more energised. 

Such a difference to the start of the week where everything felt HARD. 

I love that we get to choose which way we do things. 
We get to decide for ourselves if we’re embracing the flow of it all, our power and design. 
Or, if we’re taking struggle street and making life harder for ourselves. 

What do you choose today?