You Are The Ocean

Here’s what I want you to know today. 
You are the ocean. 

All those words people use to describe you, good or bad, they are just a drop in the ocean that is YOU. 
You are the seas and the guardian of the water all at once. 
You get to choose from here on in how it looks and what lies beneath. 
You get to ensure it’s not polluted with toxic relationships, foul words and streams of self doubt. 

Some days you’re kissing the white beaches of rest and peace, like waves lapping gently on tropical shores.
Other times you’re the power of crashing waves, beating back into the shoreline and giving new shape to the solid forms around you. 
Tides swelling and moving, you are alive with movement and strength. 
Always changing. 
Beautiful and complex. 
Soft and strong. 

You are the ocean.
And the wind, the breath of God, the power of the universe swirling, the moon above with it’s pulling tides, they are the true pattern of your life. 
The elements that long before time destined you to be. 
The things that move you. 
Working constantly in synchronicity with you
... if you’ll let them. 

It’s time to clear the rivers that flow into the heart of YOU. 
To embrace how you’re designed to be. 
The still waters and the thundering.
The shallows and the deep. 

This is womanhood in her strength and glory. 
Not an afterthought, not a weaker form. 

We are more complex, more beautiful, more powerful than any media story can portray us as. 
Bigger, wider and deeper in love and strength than any circumstance we’ve faced. 
The pinnacle of creation. 

The woman of our time are rising. 
We are global warming now. 
The ice of the old way is melting and we are flooding the earth. 
We’re flooding it with our cry. 
We will be heard, we will bring change, we choose faith in a better way, we will move mountains. 

We are the ocean.


P.s Want to join a rising tide of woman who are standing in the face of every #metoo story and choosing to step into their power. 
Choosing strength and a mindset of overcoming always.
Stay tuned… Something powerful is on the way.