You Reap What You Sow

The little seeds of ideas bring me to life. 
I live and breathe more deeply every day as things swill around my head. 
Somehow, the more I let go and have fun with life, the more of these things come to me. 
Like small seeds, borne on the wind and wafting through my mind. 

I used to run from this feeling and wonder how I would ever do everything. 
I’d feel overwhelmed with another idea to work through.
Worried people wouldn’t understand or think that I was a flake. 

Truth is, they might. They might not understand my constant movement. The difference is now I’m ok with that. 

This is my strength. My grace space. My sweet spot. 
I plant ideas then watch and wait to see which ones will work. 
I search for signs of life and seedling strength. 
I’ve developed a way of working through the in’s and outs. 
A muddled chaotic beautiful way of working out if things hold water or if they’re a pipe dream. 
Got good at acting quickly to get things in the ground and letting go even faster when something is not right. 

Sometimes we get stuck in ideas because of the sunk cost. 
The amount of time we’ve poured into an endeavour begins to dictate whether it should stay or not. 
We’ve nurtured it so long and it’s not seeming to grow as fast as we want it to. Keep digging it up to check how it's going instead of trusting the process. 

I’ve learnt that just because you’ve tended to something for a while, doesn’t mean you can force it to grow. 
There’s seasons and times where you need to be hands on and other times when you need to stand back and wait to see what happens. 

So now, what I do instead is I continue to plant.
I plant ideas every day. 
Different seeds, in different soils. 
Then I wait. 
I trust and have faith that if they’re the right things for me, aligned with who I am and my vision for life, that they will grow into a beautiful garden. 

Will every acorn turn into an oak?
Probably not. 
But you’ve still got to plant those suckers to find out. 
If it means you have to get your hands a little dirty and everyone wonders why you’re always playing in the mud of ideas just tell them you’re planting acorns. 

Then stand back and see which ones poke their heads above the mess. 
And remember that what looks like a seedling now will one day bring shade and shelter to many. 
Hold the vision and don’t worry about how the seeds do the growing. 
It’s just your job to do the planting and have faith. 
Because you reap what you sow. 


P.s - Need ideas. I’m your girl. 
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