Your Intuition

Some of you know I work with Protect Self Defence and I recently had a gorgeous business woman who travels a lot ask me some self defence questions which I think are pretty common (and applicable to all women) so I wanted to share the answers here so you all get the benefit!

>> How can just changing my mindset around safety really help me stay safe? Don’t I need some physical skills?. 

Sure, physical skills are great but I think the most important thing to note is that you have an incredible survival tool always with you which will kick in way before a physical response. Your intuition. 
Your intuition is not an airy fairy thing. When it comes to safety and survival intuition is a quantifiable force so ALWAYS pay attention. 
Our minds have already been blueprinted through our exposure to movies, through things people have said, through the news, all to think that the main things we need to look out for are power attacks, muggings and rape where you’re dragged off the street etc, which of course you’d need physical skills to protect against.

While those are things you can be aware of, truth is the majority of the time the attacker often starts with persuasion. So it’s never about how someone looks, it’s always about their behaviour. 

So trust when you get that nudge that somethings not right, don't be afraid to be perceived as rude if you need to be and act accordingly to get yourself away from that situation. 

And about your question
>> How can I avoid walking round being fearful and paranoid, especially when I’m travelling? 

Great question.
Absolutely. You can’t live in fear all the time! 
Our intuition is usually on high alert when we go to a new place which is good initially because it’s programming itself for survival. But you can’t live like that 24/7! 

So we teach a traffic light system. 
Know your different environments and identify when one is green, orange or red. 

* Green - This is a safe space, I can/have locked the doors, I know and trust those who are with me. 

* Orange - I’m in the big wide world, aware of what’s going on around me but not overly worried about any of it. I practice basic precautions like I would before crossing a road. 

* Red - I am on full alert, I’ve been approached by someone who makes me feel unsettled, it’s dark, I’m alone etc.

The key is learning to match those states of awareness with your environment and allowing yourself to relax when you’re in the right environments. 

By the way, your intuition will still be working in the background even when you’re relaxing . That thing doesn’t have an off switch!

Hope that helps.