GOOD Intentions

I set good intentions and then break them. 
Without even thinking. 
Like I’m on autopilot sometimes. 
I know all the things I can do to change my behaviour and yet...

Truth is, I want to stop checking my phone so much. 
Stop letting other things fill my mind before I’ve done what I know I need to do. 
Stop the mindless scrolling when I’d really rather be doing other things. 

This morning I realised again this is one thing that needs to go. 
It’s not serving me. 
I tell myself it’s for work but that’s just a convenient excuse. 

Compared to some, you might say I’m already controlled with this but the realisation I had this morning as I journaled was that the next level version of me doesn’t get sucked into stuff online. 
She’s there as a creator, not a consumer. 
She knows that the morning is her best working time and she puts it to good use. 

I know the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!
So, time to strengthen.
To train it into where I want it to go. 
Time to take action and implement processes that I know are going to get me where I want to be.

It starts with the vision. 
The first step is building a new reality. 
It all begins on the page for me. 
Words that inspire me to move towards greatness.
To really see and feel what that version of myself looks like. 
Taking the time to sit and go deep into what I believe I’m designed for. 
To get the divine downloads about what I’m made for. Who I really am. 

Then, get in alignment with that. 
Don’t just TALK about it. 
Make the changes. 
Take action. 
Get absolutely non negotiable about what matters.
Faith in action. 
Belief in motion. 

This is where the power is. 
When we’re wide awake, aware of what needs to change and doing the work...

...while dreaming at the same time of what will be. 

Are you awake and dreaming?


p.s - Words, words, words! 
It always comes back to words!
Last months Journaling Bootcamp was so amazing!!
Women who wrote their new realities are living different lives to when they started at the beginning of January. 
They’re shifting and changing into the women they want to be. 
If you know you need to get better at designing your life and getting some skills around journaling is something you need, message me to be added to the waitlist for the next journaling bootcamp.