Listen To The Small Voice In Your Heart

Here’s a thought.
What if the art was never supposed to be the thing that makes you money?

One of my business mentors said this to me recently and I’m amazed at how it’s changing my thinking. How it's lighting the fire in me.

The art, the creativity, the words I weave, the flow I feel.
That’s just because it’s my space.
What I love and thrive on.
What I can’t avoid doing even if I try.

But guess what?..
The more I do it, the more money comes in.
In random seemingly unrelated ways but I can’t deny that they’re connected.

I’m not trying to build a business on being the most convincing anything.
I’m just being me, sharing my heart and the more I do what I feel I’m supposed to do, the more doors open.

It’s like some sort of cosmic portal into the world of abundance.
Not just money abundance either.
The space where you feel abundant in everything.
That space where you’re so full of gratitude and overwhelmed with goodness.
Surrounded by awe at how life is.

There are loads of business people out there who will give you strategies.
Try to wow you with their six figure breakthrough in six days programmes.

Want to know something?
I don’t believe it.
I don’t think it’s about strategy at all.

More and more, the further I go in business, the more I trust who I’m becoming,
The more I realise it’s all deeply spiritual.

It’s about tuning in. Listening to the still small voice in your heart that leads you.
Then taking ACTION on THAT.

It doesn’t matter a bit what anyone else is doing.
If you lose the fire, you could have the best strategy in the world and still be a miserable, broke wannabe.

Whats that thing all the cool kids say?
'You do you boo'

Actually true.