Get More

What if your normal shifted?. 
If the reality you live in was picked up by it’s feet, given a good shake and then set back down again. 
What would it all look like?

There’s a kind of limit in my mind sometimes about what is an acceptable level. 
An acceptable level of fancy, of real, of abandon to the call, of exploring and making space.  
All of which makes me think, why have I put a limit on myself?

We’re conditioned to it. The way we live and think. 
We all have a baseline. A standard of life and thinking that we don’t ever see ourselves slipping below. 
I really do wonder, what is it that pushes some people forward and means other people remain as they are?

As my baseline is shifting in my thinking again, everything else has come up for consideration. 
What I thought was normal 10 years ago is no longer an acceptable reality to me. Heck, what I thought was acceptable 6 months ago is no longer acceptable to me!

Sometimes I wonder at my design. That I have an insatiable desire for more. I happen to believe that there's more for the taking. 

More of everything.
Clarity, passion, joy, money, strong relationships, resources, understanding, love. 
More of it all. 

Not in a consumerist, grab and go, gimme gimme way. Because I don’t believe ‘stuff’ is the more that will ever fulfil.

It’s more of a knowing that we’re not quite living in our full state. 
That we’re designed for a bigger reality than what we know. 
That this life is just a smidge of the glory and greatness of who we are inside. 

It’s my hearts longing to live in that fulfilment of glory. 
So I wonder again about my bottom line. 
If I looked back from where I belong, what would I say is normal to me?

I would worry less what other people think. 
Throw myself headlong into passion and purpose. 
Know that I am fully supported as I need to be. 
Live with an unshakeable mission.
Trust my heart. 
Love more. 

What about you?