It’s All A Gift

Everything you have is a gift.
The ability to walk, talk, eat, play, earn, study, have kids, not have kids, the heartache, the highs and lows, the laughing, crying.

It's all a gift.

Yes, life has troubles and there is grief and hard realities to walk through. I'm not diminishing how gut wrenching it is to go through some things.
And I’m not saying this from a picture perfect life either. My life has been real. Had struggle, had pain.
No one said it would be easy.

But it’s all a gift.

I”m not sure on the science or spirituality behind why sometimes we ask for things and we don’t get them.
Why some people never ask and seem to have a whole lot more than others.
Why some people get their prayers answered and others don’t.

But I do know we get to choose how we respond to it all.
I spent so much time in my life fighting, trying to prove I was good enough to be made well.
So much time wondering ‘why me?’ as I looked down the barrel of a decade of chronic pain.
I still have so many questions when life throws curve balls.

Yet I know, the moment I choose gratitude, it all becomes a gift.
Every hard thing, every good thing, every thing I don’t understand.
Every thing that overwhelms me with sweetness and feels too good to be true.
Even the things that trigger me and make me want to swear till I’m blue in the face.

It’s all a gift.

So today as I sit down to journal, there are some things I don’t understand right now. Some things I’m asking for answers on.

But first.


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