Stuck You!

I’m sitting at my kitchen bench which doubles as my office desk, in my little shed, still frustrated as heck that our building plans are not through council yet, wondering if this dream will ever happen. 
The words slowly tumbled through my mind. 
'Well, I guess we’re just stuck waiting…'

Then like it was having some kind of allergic reaction my soul immediately started to swell up. 
OH HELL NO, I don’t do STUCK. Not anymore. 

Like an epi pen for my soul I start to write. 
Ink spills onto the page in a flurry. Thoughts, idea’s, options. 
There are always so many more options than you can see right now. 

I don’t care what part of life we’re talking about, being stuck is a choice. 
Yes, there maybe waiting, there may be pauses and silence even but stuck?. 
No that’s a choice for sure.
You chose it yesterday when you sat on your arse, the day before when you talked smack about your life, the day before when you gave up too soon. 
Stuck is a choice!

There are always options. ALWAYS something you can do. 
No situation leaves you entirely without choice in every way. 

So today I choose words to explore, words to discover, words to unleash. 
Words to build and shift and open doors. 

I choose words like CLARITY, OPTIONS and FREEDOM. 
Stuck you stuck.