Start At The End

I didn’t know how to begin again, so I started at the end.

To write a novel is an EPIC undertaking. 
I have no idea right now how big it will be or even for exactly what audience. 
All I know is that it wants to come out but I couldn’t quite see it today. 

So I skipped to the end. 
I wrote one of the ending chapters and now I’m beginning to see how this novel wants to be known.
Given space to have it’s say in the world. 

So I write. 
Between this and that and running my business, I am writing thousands of words in a day and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more alive than right now. 

Some words will fall away, be edited and left on the cutting floor but the ones that need to will remain. 
I believe that they always do. 

I am learning to trust and flow with where this goes. 
Starting with a broad outline, then filling it in to give characters life and form.

But it’s almost like they’re already written and I simply have to believe I get a part to play in bringing them to being. 

I don’t have to invent them. They already live somewhere in my mind. All I have to do is bring them to the page and let them tell their story. 

>> Which is to say, isn’t that all we have to do with life? <<

To trust that who we are and what we’re designed for is already in existence somewhere. 

That there’s a version of us which exists in fullness and a whole state of heart. 
We just need to have faith that we can be it and give that version of ourselves space. 

How do we bring that version of ourselves to life? 
The ones we’re designed to be? 

We project forward to the end and explore it, with WORDS and THINKING and BEING. 
We cut away the parts that bind us now and we bring ourselves to the page. 

--- That’s why I’m running the Journaling Bootcamp --- 

> To help you bring yourself to the page and explore what the most whole version of yourself looks like. 
> To cut away the thinking that holds you back.
> To find freedom in living in your intended design. 

It’s 21 days of Guided Journaling Practice to change your life!
Come join me!!