What Are You Going To Write About?

I am a journal snob.

It’s not that they have to be the most expensive. It’s more that they have to be just right.
They have to ‘say’ something to me when I pick them up.

I can hear my dad lovingly mocking in my mind ’Sounds like new agey crap to me!’ Haha,. Yeah, ok Dad. But what I mean is I have to feel inspired when I hold it.

Lets not start on the details of the pens.
I have a thing for good stationary.

Meet my latest edition. Purchased especially today for a particular lot of work I’m about to do myself.

Gotta be honest, it’s an off the shelf typo one and I wasn’t totally stoked with how it felt when I flipped it to write on the second side of the page but I’m getting over that because the cover has that sumptuous soft faux leather feel.

Writing. Dreaming. Processing. Finding purpose. Taking action.
It all starts within these pages for me.

Do you know how to do that? How to use journalling to unlock what’s going on it you?
To wake yourself up and dream the big dreams, then get yourself taking action, just by using these two tiny tools?

The pen is mightier than that sword remember.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to go through your day knowing that you started with the mighty weapon of connection. To whatever you need to connect with today. God, your soul, purpose, creativity. It’s so simple. Just a pen and some paper.

Starting is the hardest part though.
What are you going to write about? How are you going to make sure you’re not just wasting time blathering on about your day when there is inner work to be done. Maybe you’ve sat down with a journal and just about fallen asleep because you were going through the motions with it.

Well that sounds average.
It can be so much better than that.

Flick me a message and I’ll tell you more!.