Nothing is standard. 
We are building a house and we are building a life.

I don’t understand how it’s going to work. 
These things I’ve been waiting so long for. 
The house we’re designing and preparing for. 

Somehow, they mirror each other. 
The house and our lives. 
They always have from the start. 

We live on this land, all because of a vision, followed by a thought, a word of faith and then inspired action. 
That is how we got here. Not because we had the best plan about how to win the deal or because we had a detailed blueprint of exactly what we would do with the land. 

We are here because 2.5 years ago, on the exact opposite side of the world, in an little village in Spain, I was given a vision of this place. 
I saw the wide open fields in my minds eye, I even knew exactly what part of the country it was in and that one month from arriving home we would own it, then another month after that we would be building something. It didn’t make sense but I told Ev anyway. Because something inside of me said if you want it, you have to say you want it. You have to admit that the dream is more than a dream. You have to wake up and go admit you want it. Then you have to let go and trust.

So it happened, one month to owning, one month to building. To the day. 

We had no house deposit left. Trust
Six other people put in offers, some higher than ours. Trust
Ev had no guaranteed work in this area. Trust. 
We don’t know anything about building. Trust
There’s only a shed, where will we actually live?. Trust. 


So tonight I sit in my renovated shed, our transitional home these last two years, right in the middle of our wide open space, as we plan and prepare for the new house. 

With this new house, we have been learning again in a new way. 
So many things to learn. 
Things that are true for the building and true for our lives. 

After a run in with a rogue architect we learnt - Walk away even if it costs you. 
When planning joinery we learnt - Get the structure right and you can take out the walls you thought you needed then get more connection to the heart of it all. 
When looking for bathroom plaster options we learnt - If you really want something, there’s always a way. It might not happen how you expect, but you’ve got to keep trying.  
When buying doors we learnt - the need for your own sacred space is deep and real.
While waiting for council we are getting to learn - once you’ve done what you can do, let go of the outcome and trust it’s being worked on. 

But most of all.