Dare To Open Your Eyes And Wake Up To A Different Reality

What if the only reason you’re not acting is because you’re scared? 

What if you really 100% totally chose to trust that still small voice inside of you?
The one that says ‘Yes, do it. Stretch, wider. No, not this. Reach, further. Wait, hold. Go, move.
What could possibly be on the other side of that?

I guess there’s a small chance that you will fall. A small chance you will falter and maybe not find your feet. 
Oh but you might find wings.. That’s not some meme, it’s a real thought. 

Like, you might actually... 
Soar even. 

Go further than you’ve ever imagined. 
Stop a minute. Just imagine that.
The fulfilment of all the things you’ve been waiting, wishing, hoping, praying for. 

Oh but... Don’t risk what you know right?! 
That would be, well, risky wouldn’t it!?!

Sometimes when I write things like this I want to stop and filter it. 
Qualify in my head what I mean so you’ll really get what I actually mean underneath it all and I won’t be responsible for how you perceive me to be irresponsible or foolhardy. 

And yet...
Most everything I have gained in my life, while I’m eternally grateful and recognise grace and mercy at work, most EVERY SINGLE THING, that I love and adore has come because I listened to a nudge, threw caution to the wind and went for it.

I haven’t gambled the things I’ve said ALWAYS to. 
My husband, kids, family.  
For me, those are non-negotiables. Always have, always will be. 

But everything else?
Well it’s ALL up for grabs. 

Where I live, what I do each day, who my friends are, how I create, where money comes from, how I look, who I listen to, where I travel to and who I do business with. 
The things I’m most stoked about, the things that have shaped and formed me, well they’re always because of THE NUDGE.

Leave home at 17, go to the other side of the world and look after babies in an orphanage. 
Marry that guy
Say yes when the art therapist offers you her time, even though you want to run a million miles. 
Paint for the process, not the end result.
Take a crazy asia/america trip with your young kids. 
Start a company, in a random industry, when you have no connections there and take that thing international. 
Pull your kids out of school and leave the country again. 
Live in Spain. 
Create more products.
Move to Tauranga
Send the kids to a hippy school.
Start writing and hit post even when you’re scared. 

Because there it is..
The only reason you won’t do what you know deep inside, is because you’re scared. 
Scared of what? 
Opinions, failing, losing, falling?
Or succeeding, moving forward, getting bigger and moving on?

Either way, scared is no way to live. 
So what is bigger than scared?

Trust that you’re hearing right. That you KNOW the heart whisper. 

If you don’t know, well then that's a bigger question. 
It’s Spirit. The breath of God. 
The whispers on the wind of the universal laws that have moved the planet since before time began. 
The everlasting movement of truth and your intrinsic design. 

If you can’t see that, can’t trust that, can’t believe what you feel to be right, go within. 
Go deep deep down to the wells of you.  
Sit and wait. 
Wait for truth. 
Not for your emotion, not the opinions, not the maybe, if’s and buts. 
Wait and then ask. 
Reach out and ask for a revelation of what that part of you is. 
Dare to open your eyes and wake up to a different reality. 

I honestly believe the only reason we live scared is because we haven’t tapped that part. 
We haven’t tuned in to the spirit and the truth. 
Haven’t dared to explore that we are more than dirt formed into mortal beings with spirit breath that gives life to our cells. 

So you can like God or not like God. You can like religion or not like religion. Believe or don’t believe. 
But if you are stuck, frustrated, unhappy and uncertain. 
If you’ve tried all the stuff and it’s not filled you up. 
You might need to admit it’s because there’s more to you than meets the eye. 
That you need to draw water from that spirit well to quench your thirst. 

Once you do, drink fully and deeply, I think you’ll find you’re not so scared anymore.


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