Stop Being A Greedy Bitch

Here’s a little late night truth for you. 
I’ve run out of tact and here’s what I can’t stop thinking about. 

When are you going to stop being a greedy bitch?. 

Just always wanting more without a proper vision for where it’s going. 
There is something wrong with this whole ‘entrepreneur, location free, forget the 9-5' scene which everyone is chasing so hard. 

It’s always going to play to your belief that there is more out there for you.. and there is absolutely but here’s the truth. 
It is NEVER going to be enough for you unless you fix your mind and....

…while we’re at it.
You know those ad’s on TV with starving kids. They’re an ACTUAL THING. 
You know the buzz about how there are 27 million people in SLAVERY, especially the sex trade.
Yeah that’s a REAL THING too. 

I have seen it. I have met these people. 
It's heartbreaking. 

So, you can have all the money, the designer clothes and the fancy car. 
I honestly don’t care if you do, and in fact there’s a bunch of that stuff that I’m down for as well… but ONLY after generosity and kindness. 

You will never be happy with your pretty little life and your 6 or 7 figure income you’re working so hard towards until you crack this. 

You know how you practice faith and manifestation and all that stuff .. yeah, well, right now, someone is waiting for you to get off your pretty little ‘I want’ backside and give a little in their direction. 

And that’s what is SO COOL about having money and all these skills and opportunities. 
You get to GIVE IT AWAY!!

And I 100% guarantee that giving and contributing will make you feel a million times happier in the long term. 

That whole ‘you reap what you sow’ is not a fairy tale. 
It's what actually happens.

So if you stay tight fisted, guess what, you’ll get a tight fisted response from the world. 

Open your hand, extend it and give and it will be given back, over and over again. 
It’s not an idea. This stuff WORKS. 

And even if you don’t see a financial return (but you will if you’re aligned right) you will get all the benefits that come from doing something that’s bigger than you. 

I guarantee that when you look back at who you were in life these are the things you will remember. 
Not another pair of shoes, or diamond earrings. 

It will be the times you gave of yourself, all of who you are, your money included and you changed someone's life. 
It will be when you use all that beautiful ability to 'tune in' to whats happening around you in your community and you gave deeply to help make it a better place. 

AAAANNND.. the beautiful thing about the way the world works is that you never actually lose when you give. 
Because money is designed to flow through you. 
Let's be clear. I am PRO money. 
It's an awesome thing. But you are ultimately supposed to be a conduit for it. 
The more you let out in the direction of things that contribute good to the world, the more it can flow to you. 

So, want to make more money?

Stop being a greedy bitch. 


p.s - if you’re one of the people in my world who are offended by the use of the word ‘bitch’ something I learnt a long time ago in my 'Protect Self Defence' days is that bitch stands for ‘Babe In Total Control of Herself’, so buckle up cause it’s part of my positive vocabulary now!

p.p.s - don't know where to start or what to give to?