I’m here for the art and the movement. 
The creation of something from nothing. 💕

Words fall on pages, products fall into markets, paint falls to canvas, lessons fall on hearts. 

Always moving, in chaos and in harmony. In light and in dark. 🌛🌞 I don’t do straight lines. I don’t do perfect or strategy. 

I do messy, go big or go home, get it while it’s hot, life is for the living. 
The more I open myself up to that and trust how I’m made the less I have time for people who are literally doing nothing. 👎
Nothing with their talents and their time and their hearts. 

It sounds harsh and if that’s how you hear it then maybe it’s because it’s triggering something in you that knows you’re wasting yourself and your time.🤕 #ouch#truthhurts

Your something doesn’t have to look like my something but seriously.. move! 

Pick up that thing you’ve been thinking about and JUST TRY IT!. 

It might be what you’ve been waiting for all this time. 
It might be the thing that unlocks a tsunami of purpose in you. 
It might be the thing that lights you up. ☀️ But you will never know if you sit on the couch, netflix bingeing again. 

I get it, you’re tired. I get it you’re sick. 
Ok. So what CAN you do?

I’ve been there, 5 out of 7 days in a dark room, full migraines, muscles aching, heart screaming. 
I’ve been there, hating my life, on antidepressants and up to the eyeballs in who knows what other drug treatments. 

Can I tell you something?
Even then, I got to make choices. 


Sometimes I did it really well. 
And sometimes I did it awfully.

But please, don’t waste another day telling yourself that you’re stuck. 
That is the most soul destroying thing of all. 
That in the middle of it all you believe you are powerless. 
You believe you’re at the mercy of circumstance and life as you know it. 
Don’t waste another day telling yourself there is no way up or out. 

There is. 
I absolutely know there is. 
But it starts with you making a choice.

I hope you make the biggest bravest boldest choice you can.❤️ 
x Meg

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