I've been getting to re learn this one lately. 
It's got me thinking. 
Doesn't matter how successful someone looks or is. 
This one hits us all in the heart. 

Big fancy entrepreneurs jet setting around the world. WORTHY. 
Women on the streets, messed up on meth. WORTHY. 
Stay at Home mum. WORTHY
Bi-racial, bisexual, WORTHY
Living on the benefit, WORTHY
Busting your arse at three jobs. WORTHY
Rolling in cash, WORTHY. 

I could go on but you get the picture. 
You know this already right?!
Or do you?


There is not a single human circumstance that determines how worthy you are of love. How worthy you are of living an outstanding life. 

The worth was given the day you were breathed into life. 
The day someone decided you needed to be born. 
Call it God, the universe, source, creator, whatever it is that you connect with I don’t really mind.
Truth is. You’re not an accident. 
Not some happenstance.
You’re divinely planned. 
And you’re WORTHY. 

Not because of who you think you are, but because of who you were created to be. 
Divine, connected, restored, beautiful, desired, intended.

I was doing some work on who my ideal client is the other day. 
Thinking through the kind of people I most love working with and what I can do to best serve them. 
The women I love working with are driven, passionate go getters. 
And the temptation is to brush over this worthiness bit. 
To think they’ve got it on lock because they come off as confident. 

But here’s the thing. 
This worth bit. 
You always get to uncover new levels of it. 
It's always deeper than we like to admit. 

The further we go the more we get a new realisation that we’re all shot through with humanity. 
All flawed and it’s a wonder any of us stand as we do.  
We’ve each gathered baggage. Got a little messed up on the inside.
All on a process. Growing and evolving.
Yet still. 

Truth is, I don’t believe we stand in this worth because of a single thing we do.
That’s not a self depreciating thing to say. 
It’s just that I don’t think it’s really about how together any of us appear to be or any perceived success. Worth is deeper and wider than any temporal thing we could achieve. 

That could make me feel lowly but it doesn’t. 
It makes me excited to know I’m a part of something great. 
Some beautiful big cosmic plan. 

That makes me want to stand. 
More powerful. 
More in truth than ever before.
Because it is a gift. 

This design you're made with. 
The things you’re gifted in. 
A beautiful undeniable gift and who are you to ignore that?!

You are WORTHY. 
So get back to living like you are!!