Choose Change

If you want pretty and perfect you won’t like this. 
I recommend you go away. 
I’m serious. 
Leave right now. 

I want messy and chaotic and deep change that lasts. 
If that is too much for you, that’s a shame. 
For you. 

Because as long as you don’t want anything to rock the boat of your life,
You will just get the same life you have right now. 
Every day. 

I feel like I’m having an allergic reaction right now to people who grizzle and moan but then won’t change.
People who make excuses for why they can’t do things and why life is so BUSY that they can’t fit it all in. 
No, you just make choices about what you want to include. 
It’s really simple. 

You either want change or you don’t. 
It’s perfectly OK to not know HOW you’re going to get there. 
Maybe you don’t even know quite where ‘there’ is. 
That’s fine. To be expected even as we’re all evolving and working out what it is we’re here to do in life. 

But it’s not OK to sit around and wish your life away. 
Not if you’re one of us. 
Not if you’re a crazy passionate soul who wants to change the WORLD.

If you feel that call, but you’re sitting on your backside,
I want to reach through the computer and shake you by the shoulders. 

This next level is going to require you drink a very large cup of ‘get over yourself’. 
Again. I know you’ve done it before, but it’s time for more. 
Do you want change or don’t you?

I’m not holding the hands of people who pay lip service to this idea of change. 
If you have a victim mentality, drop that thing before you enter my virtual doors. 
Own your stuff and be ready to think bigger. 

Because you know what I’m good at?
I’m good at stirring ideas in people. 
Helping them write new realities. 
Drop their old stories. 
Stand in their power. 
Get rid of fear. 

But I can’t MAKE you do it. 
You have to choose that. 

What I am not good at is babysitting.
Trying to convince you that you’re going to be ok and here, let me hold your hand for 9 months while you think through all the excuses and slowly strip them off layer by layer. 

Nope. That’s not why people come to me. 
Talk to me when you want someone to shake you up a little. 
When you’re ready to have someone to ask you all the deep questions. 
To challenge you to design the life you want and consider your wide open spaces. 

I do believe in truth and grace, hand in hand.
But I guess today’s more of a truth kind of day.

You’ll change when you really choose to.
So, ready to choose?