It's Time You Give Yourself Permission

My lips are tingling, throat closing. 
It’s either the coffee on an empty stomach or an inkling that there’s more to be said. 
Either way…

I see too many women coming back round to this. 
This waiting for PERMISSION and trying to PROVE themselves. 
I’m looking at you particularly church girls and ex church girls, and I'll tell you why...

There is absolutely nothing about designing a life you love, one that’s full of purpose and passion, that means you have to go and ask for permission to step into your brilliance or prove that you’re enough. 

Sure there are people around you who will have opinions and you might not love what they have to say but so WHAT?!
They still aren’t the ones you have to ask.

The ONLY thing that should be guiding you when it comes down to it is if you tap into that still small voice inside of you. 
The divine, ever loving, abundant one. What then?

What do you really feel about the way forward? 
What do you hear about the next level version of yourself?
What do you believe about purpose?
What is the actual TRUTH?

I grew up in church. Well, in and out of church if we’re honest. 
At the start I was a good girl with a strong value set and I tried so hard to keep the perceived rules. 
Then I didn’t care and did whatever I wanted.
Then I didn't know what I wanted. 
Neither way fit me well. 

That’s cause it wasn’t the rules or the fact I broke them that messed me up. 
It wasn’t the people in church. Not their idea of God or religion that screwed me over.
It was the fact that I was constantly looking for permission to be me. Wondering where I fit and if I was ok to express myself. 
I’m not anti church. I think there are some great ones and we all know there are some awful ones. 

I’m anti WAITING to live your PURPOSE!

I did it to myself. I gave other people permission to be bigger in my mind than my connection to the divine love that was waiting for me, calling to me, holding a space for me and how I was designed. 

Just STOP IT.  
I see you there hiding out trying to get it all right. 
Or you’re on the flip side and rebelling so hard because the leader and artist in you can’t bear to have any sort of perceived restriction! Haha. I see you too.
I have been and am still both of you some days.

Here’s what I have learnt and am continuing to learn in new layers every year. 
Stop trying to prove stuff. Waiting for someone to see you and your gifts.
To acknowledge how brilliant or what a badass you are and appoint you to some kind of position.
The positions don’t matter. People recognising your brilliance doesn’t matter. 

What do you know is inside of you? 
What’s that nudge, that prompting that you’ve been ignoring? 
What do you KNOW you were born for?

Keep that top of mind. Go do that thing. 
The thing that lights you up and you know is yours to own. 
The thing you were born to do because you’ve heard the call from deep inside. 

There’s nothing to prove. 
It's time you give yourself permission. 


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