You Are More Than Enough And You Can Choose Your Story

You think you’re stuck but it’s a lie. 

I want you to know, it’s all an illusion. A story you're telling yourself. 
This thing you think that is so hard you can’t possibly overcome it. 
It's all words you've woven. 
Things you've chosen to believe. 

People who’ve overcome hard times, horrific tragedies, pain and struggle. Every one of them just chose a different story. 
They chose the story that means they got better and wiser and more positive. 

Was it easy? 
Hell no. In fact sometimes choosing to be happy anyway is harder than wallowing in our pain and pity. Yet they rejected the story where they could have chosen to be bitter, resentful and unhappy. 
They chose something different. 
They changed their reality. 

You can always look around and find someone who’s got it better than you. 
Someone who’s life you look at and think, I wish…. If only…
Or.. well, it’s fine for them!

Equally you can always find someone who’s got it worse that you. 
Remember that. 

Oh, your husband left? - I’m sorry but you still get to choose love. 
Family don’t like what you say/write/do? - Is that enough to stop you from pursuing purpose?
Your job sucks and doesn’t pay enough? - Do you have access to the internet right now? Know people who can help you upskill? So, ok, get to work and create a new reality. 
Your body lets you down, you’re sick and can’t do much? - Can you find one minute for gratitude? One minute to believe that you can be great regardless?

I know life can get heavy, and I don’t belittle that fact that really REALLY hard stuff happens. 
Sometimes I want to lie on the floor and have an almighty tantrum too. 
To kick and scream that it’s not fair and it’s not my fault and I’m stuck. 

But stop for just a minute. 
Quit throwing the toys out of the cot and look around you. 

Find something to be grateful for. 
Pick up a pen and choose something new to write about. 
Imagine what the new refashioned version of you is going to look like.
Put your faith into action and see it before it happens. 
The next level you.
The healed whole you. 

Stand in the glorious power of that design.
The fullness of your potential. 

Hold unswervingly to the hope that you are becoming something new. 
You're growing through it all. 
Look for grace to cover the struggle and stand confidently. 

You are more than enough and you can choose your story. 

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