Lets Have The Conversations That Matter

With all love and respect, this is your formal notice to leave.
Here's why. 

When you tell your story, it’s hard for it not to be about you. Right?! And for people to think you’re self absorbed. 
Talking to someone today I was reminded about why I’m being so honest, and that not everyone gets it. 

So, here’s why I’m sharing and if you’re not interested that is absolutely fine by me. Really. 
Please do go ahead and unfollow and I’ll continue on my merry way. Not even upset, I just want to be straight up.. as per usual. 
(Also, I’m updating the name of this page to try and differentiate it from my personal profile because I get it that it’s a little confusing right now) 

I’m sharing because I wish someone had been this honest with me. 
Because I wish I’d seen someone who was living their real life, before it looked perfect and being upfront about what it was like while pursuing their dreams. 
I’m sharing what I’ve learnt and yes, along the way I get to make some money from the things I create and put online but also because I wish I hadn’t felt alone in what I was struggling with.

To some people my struggles may be small. 
Some people may be able to just find the resources within themselves to work through those same things. 
That wasn’t me. I needed to have people around me who I could learn from. I wanted to look at how other people had worked through things and learn from them. 
It took me a lot of years of seeking those people out. Being brave enough to open up to people about what was really going on inside, not sure if they were the ones who could help me through. 

We all have different struggles but I think this is the beautiful power of social media and the age we’re living in. 
That we can find those people who draw us further along. To feel not so alone in what we’re working through. 

We’re getting to see it with the #metoo campaign. 
And I’ve spoken to WAAAAY too many survivors of abuse to know that one of the biggest things they’ve felt is shame and that they were alone. 
Somehow though, this campaign is shining the light on the issue of abuse. Hopefully in the sharing people are finding some freedom. Releasing the shame that they never should of had to bear, but more than anything, knowing that they are not alone. 

So, while I’m not sharing my story around sexual abuse, because I’m fortunate enough to not have one, I am sharing my heart about other things. 
How I think, what I’m learning, how I’m growing. In business, marriage, motherhood, sisterhood, friendship, in all things. 

Yes, incase you're wondering I am a bit selective. I choose not to share loads of detailed stuff about my marriage and my kids, out of respect for those closest to me, but I do get to share my growth in those roles I play out as wife and mother. That’s my story to share. 

Not because I’m all that. Not because I think I can answer everyones questions, but for someone, somewhere, what I’m saying will catch their hearts and speak to where they’re at. 
I know from the messages I'm getting, it already has and that’s pretty humbling. That people would even care to read what I write and more than that, to grow because of what I’ve shared. 

I love reading autobiographies because you get a window into someones world and you can glean from their experience. 
Well social media now is just a real time autobiography. 
Yes, it leaves you open to scrutiny and you have to get ok with that plus choose wisely what you share but I really think it’s pretty amazing. 
I also think as much as social media can be hard for people because they end up comparing themselves, it can also be incredibly liberating. 
To see that somewhere out there, someone else thinks like you. It draws people together around causes and can be a powerful weapon for change in our society. 

I have always been about words, and I plan on using mine more and more to shine a light. 
On things I’ve learnt, struggled with, loved and grown from.
But I know not everyone needs to hear what I’m saying, or wants to listen. 
So please, I love you but feel free to unfollow.

And if you are interested. If things I’m saying catch your attention or you want to talk more about it, don’t be shy. 

Lets have the conversations that matter. The conversations that shift our thinking, move us further along into who we’re becoming and ultimately can change the world.

x Meg