Time To DESIGN A NEW LIFE For Yourself

Wondering why you lost your fire?. 
How that passionate 18 year old you used to be, who was going to change the world, has got so sensible and bored?

I lost my fire somewhere between the businesses we'd sunk money into that didn’t work and product idea number 300 and something that got ripped to shreds. 

Between baby feeds, vomit, preschool and tiny little cut up sandwiches.

It slipped through my fingers as I tried to hold onto it and other peoples opinions at the same time. 

Got lost in the inbox of my brain like all those emails I sent to clients late at night which they just never bothered to reply to. 

I felt stuck and caged in. 
I KNOW you know what I mean!

That feeling of knowing you're a born leader. A creative and a world changer deep inside.But feeling scared about what would happen if you showed up like that. What if you speak up and people don't like it?. 

I was sure that there was something inside of me but I was so scared I'd never actually be GOOD ENOUGH for it and time was ticking to get all the things done. Waiting for someone to come along and give me PERMISSION. 

You do it too right?. Push down your true self. 
Don't let all of you out just yet because no one's signed off on that level of real?

I remember looking for PURPOSE when I couldn’t even find the keys.
Feeling like I was going to miss another appointment and those life goals all at once. 
Dreaming about how I was gonna CHANGE THE WORLD when I couldn’t even change the sheets on my bed regularly. 

I don’t do well caged and you know it's killing YOU too. 

But cages are everywhere. 
The invisible ‘shoulds’ and the ‘have to’s’. 
The opinions and the expectations. 
Hell, I even built some of the cages for myself!.

But it's time. Time to break those cages, time to bust down the walls. 
Time to DESIGN A NEW LIFE for yourself. 

It’s there for the taking. 
You just need to stop waiting for permission. 

It seems so SIMPLE.
I mean, it actually is so simple. 
But you're going to have to choose. 

You have to write your new reality.
You might say journaling is not your thing but I would argue that the process of putting pen to paper, every day, wherever you are, however you can, will help you to really deeply see into your new future. 
It doesn't have to be painful. There are a million ways to journal. 
But you need to imagine and dream that new life. 
Not what everyone else tells you it SHOULD look like. 
What YOU want it to look like. 

And then take action. 
Actually do something about it. 

So go on... what are you waiting for?!

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