Wake Up Sleeper! 

Wake up sleeper! 

It’s time to get moving. 
Time to get out of that cozy bed and get things happening. 

The sun is up. It’s been up for a while now, you just haven’t pulled back the curtains to see how much is waiting for you outside. 

You think you’re comfy in your bed. That there’s time to lie in. 
But dreams don’t happen while you’re lying down. 
Not the real ones. Not the life changing, earth shaking ones.

The dreams you dream when you’re lying down, they’re just the inspiration, the shadow of what could be. 
They’re important but the real dreams, well they happen when you’re standing up.
Ready for the day. 
Prepared and fuelled to go. 

It’s time to get up. Full stop. 
No more mucking around. 

I’m calling you out on that dream. 
The one that’s been sitting in your heart and you’re not taking action on it. Don’t live in the shadowlands, talking about all the things you’re going to do. 

It’s time to get out of bed. 

P.S If you're ready to get down to the work of cutting out the crap you tell yourself and get moving you need to join my Journaling Bootcamp. 

It's a 21 day course but these skills will set you up so that ANYTIME you hit a problem and you're not sure how to move forward, you will have the processing tools to get MOVING again. We're talking life changing, mindset breaking, big thinking shifts, all though the art of journalling. 

Even if you're not into writing, I'm going to show you ways to use the power of journalling to break open situations, habits and bad thought patterns and replace them with who you REALLY want to be. Happier, Freer, Wealthier, Braver, Stronger, 

This is not some fluffy, let's write pretty things kind of course. 
>> It’s 21 days of solid WORK, getting you into the practise of journalling your way into change. 
>> I will be whipping your little behind into ACTION and taking no prisoners!!.
>> I’ll teach you how to use your pen as a WEAPON and cut through the rubbish stories you tell yourself. 
>> We’ll clear out the ‘shoulds’ and get you EXCITED about how to journal in a way that lights a fire under you.

It’s not a 5 step programme. I don’t do ‘programmes’ or have to’s. It’s about finding your why and connecting with the words which are going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I’ll walk with you and we’ll get deep into how you can use journalling to turn things around. 

This course will shake you awake and getting you dreaming and planning bigger than ever before!! 

It's starting soon and you need to get in quick to snag your bonus KICKSTART session.