Go do that big wild heart thing!

I get so crazy mad when I look at people doing the same thing, day after day. 
You guys!! So Booooring!!!!
Even more when they message me with their ‘my life sucks’ drama and NO intention of doing anything about it. 

Have you not read the meme’s about changing your life?. There's soooo many. 
If you’re ever short on inspiration just jump on Pinterest already, it’s a quote festival on there. 

Except a quote by itself won’t make you change. 
If you bitching and moaning about life is a habit, well, I’m just gonna say it. 
YOU are choosing it. 
(Yes I’m preaching to myself too right now. Anybody figure I may have been having a little internal moan to myself this morning!)

But seriously, I’m for real.
I’ve learnt to kick my own arse on this one. 
You are choosing your current reality. 

And cool-cool, walk away, unfollow if that’s what you wanna do. 
If that’s a little hard to hear right now. I get it. 

I remember the day I literally walked away from someone who called me out on it. 
She told me I was a leader and I better step up inside, cause this is how leaders get to deal. 
Actually, come to think of it I should probably drop her an email sometime. Thank her for speaking the uncomfortable truth. 

I look back at all the years I was sick and realise, to a large extent, I didn’t even realise, but I chose it. 
Sounds harsh to say now. I would have sworn black and blue it wasn’t me if you’d asked me. 
It was the hormones, the virus, the drugs, the everything except for ME, which really it WAS. 

No, I won’t make you change. 
Your mum and dad won’t make you change. 

Maybe you have to hit rock bottom. 
Get fed up. 
Get to the end of you. 
Maybe there’s more for you to learn there. 

But, if you think that maaaaybeee, you’ve had enough...
If you’re ready for that unconventional life you KNOW you were made for but you think you can’t have cause, y know. 
Opinions, college debt, fear, the ‘I’m not good enough’ drama in your head. 

Well, you could try something different. 
You don’t have to have a sob story.
You can just change. 
Because you’ve decided to. 

Just do it, just do it, just do it!!

Stop waiting for someone to convince you. 
Go do that big wild heart thing. 

Live a little. 

Go have the fun. 
Do the purpose things. 

Yes, I know I’m digital yelling. 
Cause I want to get it through to you. 
This reality - 100% up for grabs. 

So, take it or leave it but, YOU CHOOSE. 

Oh, and, you’re still cool if you don’t, but just don’t bring your moaning round here mmmkaaay cause I’m working on keeping mine to the minimum. 

Ok, i see the irony that, technically this could be a moan.. but it’s not. 
It’s Inspiration just so you know. Motivation. 
Just not in a meme. 


P.S - Need a swift kick forwards?!. 
Well alright, it’s about time!!. 
Message me and we’ll shift that frazzled butt of yours right out of ordinary and into the big life. 
I’ve got a sweet deal for the millennials so if you’re in that age bracket let me know. Only a small number of spots left for April/May though so get on it.