Go Do What YOU Are Born To Do

I got some fuel for my fire tonight.
An average review on my book. 

Kind of feels like the time I went to Uni and actually cried when I got my first paper results. 
Not the A+ I was hoping for. 

Not gonna lie. When that’s the first one you see it cuts. 
Specially to a recovering people pleaser. 

My gut reaction was - did you even read it? Cause I said pretty clearly it’s a foundational PART mindset/part self defence short read!

But then I got to thinking…
What did they want that they didn’t get?. 
More ‘information’ and a full manual of fancy protection moves?. 

Cause here's the thing. I ain’t doing it!

I know that’s NOT what works FIRST when we start talking about women being empowered or for ‘self defence’ in general.  
All that ‘long speech’ that they didn’t like, yeah that’s the GOLD bit. 
That’s the bit which gives people context first to who I am, so they know where the motivation is coming from.

Then it’s the ‘challenge what you think you know’ bit which happens to be a massive part that actually helps open women up to the behavioural info which helps PREVENT women from ending up in a situation where they have to use a physical response. 

So, after a little rant to a friend for some internal processing of my own, I decided to take a look a little deeper at what I get to learn from this. 

I felt it sitting there, Just waiting to be tapped into. 
Ok. So they didn’t like that?!
Well I’m gonna give you some more!!
I can go on this ALLLL day girlfriend. 

Because here’s the thing. 
When you go straight to looking for strategy, straight to the ‘how to’, a silver bullet solution in ANYTHING, including self defence, you miss the part that’s actually going to build you up and make you an empowered woman. 

People need YOUR particular voice, and outsmarting abuse is first and foremost about women having a voice.

Yes, other books will have been written with similar information. I’m not flying a flag to try and beat anyone else on that front. 
I’m also not attempting to write an exhaustive reference on the subject.
What I’m doing is standing firmly with MY take on it and what I believe women need to get clear on at the beginning of looking into this topic. 

Now, my little reviewer friend may already have WAY more information than the average women and be looking for more to grow, and for that I applaud them, but for some women, who’ve never joined the dots with this stuff the info they get will mean EVERYTHING. 

Because FIRST, before any other single thing you do, you have to understand and lean into your intuition. 
Connect to that and find your VOICE. 

No amount of technical moves will give you that, and I will NEVER start with teaching those.

The beauty of this little trigger for me is that I get to learn to hold ground in my heart again. 
Get to make sure I’ve got that lesson down. 

That YOUR voice, matters. 
It doesn’t matter to everyone, but it still matters. 
And in the big wide world, everyone’s got an opinion and there are millions of voices online. 
So what?! 
Blinkers on, keep doing what you know you got to do. 

Got it?
Go do what YOU are born to do. 


p.s - If you’ve read the book and liked it at all, help a sister out and go add a high vibe review would ya?!