Say It Like You Mean It

Today I wrote a speech. 
For an event I imagine/KNOW will happen in about three years time. 

I have no reason to know this. I have no reason to believe this. 
But I CHOOSE to. 

I wrote about how I got there to that moment. 
How I built a multimillion dollar company and what that means to me. 
I wrote about how many lives get to be changed as a result of my success. 
How MY life is changed too. 

It was all imaginings except here’s the thing. 
It wasn’t. 
I FELT it. 
Deep inside my soul. 
And I choose it. 

So here’s the thing. 
If you CAN'T see it in your minds eye. 
Can’t be brave enough to write that stuff down and act like it’s a DONE deal. 
How do you think it’s ever going to translate into action?

WHY would your mind even be interested in helping you get there if what you see is some wishy washy -  
‘Well, maybe if it works out, that would be nice’ kind of feeling. 

No, you have to OWN it. 
Also-tuta-lutely 1000% believe it. 

But you’re human, so of course you’ll have doubts. 
Guess what? They don’t matter. 
See them for what they are and wipe them away. 

Take your mind back to the vision. 
Apply FAITH. 
Choose the ACTION you know you need to take next. 

Will you get there?
I don’t know. Only you get to decide that. 
What have you designed? What have you chosen? 
Because that’s what you’ll get. 

Will I get to what I see?
A multimillion dollar company that’s changing lives as it goes?
You bet your cotton socks baby!
One way or the other. 
It’s where I’m heading. 

Now I don’t know the road there. 
But that’s not my job. 
My job is co-creating and designing something beautiful, applying faith, and taking action. 
Oh, and writing the speeches.
I get to write speeches!.


p.s - You need to DESIGN your life. 
Choose where you want to go and work out how to align yourself with that vision. 
And you need to get started NOW. 
Stop wasting those precious days and breaths floundering around with all your what if’s and maybes. 
If you could do it by yourself, you’d already be doing it. 
But you’re not. 
So message me. 
I am GREAT at getting people started. Helping them see the future and map a way forward. 
Take your little computer cursor over to the button that says ‘message’ and reach out. 
It’s time!.