Gloves Up Baby, Fights Not Over

There’s a part of my story I avoid. 
I’d rather talk about how ‘now I’m so much better’.

Honestly, I was really REALLY sick. 
22 pills every morning and every night. 
Doctors, hospitals, pain clinics, drug treatments. 
Alternative therapies so weird I question my sanity now. 
Blinding migraines, searing muscle pain and a box full of doctors notes about symptoms. 

I was also a master of disguise. 
I spent 10 years, covering up, hiding out under a fake smile. 

Five of those years I worked for a church. 
Walked through the doors to work and made sure to put a good smile on because I thought I needed to be full of faith. 
Smiled when I arrived on Sunday and then one day, cried in the back row when I couldn’t take it anymore, walked home and wrote my goodbye note. 
My husband came home later, found me on the stairs of our apartment and we cried together. 

There's so much more but why do I tell you this?
Because sometimes I forget.
I look at where I am now and it seems like another world. 

I haven’t been honest about how HARD it can be.
Girl, even if it's not your body that's letting you down, I KNOW this path to finding a life you LOVE can be REALLY hard sometimes. You will walk through FIRE as you grow. 

I’m not here to tell you that it’s all going to turn out roses. 
I was TEN years fighting. 

But you KNOW you’re a leader, and no matter how many times you’ve been knocked down, you will rise again. 
Covered in sweat and tears but still you will rise. 

When you bow your head, when you lay back on the ropes and draw breath for a moment, sweat beading on your brow, KNOW THIS. 

You choose. 
Today and everyday after. 
I know you might not want to hear this but it's TRUE.
You choose how you respond. 

Please. Draw breath. 
Listen to the people in your corner who tell you you’re a CHAMPION. 

Then gloves up baby. 
Gloves back UP!. 
The bell’s about to ring and sooner or later, you’ll hit the knockout punch. 

It’s not over till you say it’s over.
There’s something so GREAT inside of you. 
Something so big, so powerful that the future’s not going to know what hit it. 

You choose. 


P.s - There's not a cookie cutter way of living that suits everyone. You need to find YOUR way. Leaders cut their own paths, but we all need someone in our corner to remind us who we really are.. 
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