Holy Confessions

-- H O L Y C O N F E S S I O N S --

It wasn’t an audible voice but I felt like the cab driver should of had goosebumps too, the feeling in the car was so thick, so full of meaning.
Because I got the unshakeable download when I sat in a cab in London.

I can still feel it now.
That holy sort of moment when I felt like I should ask the driver to stop and just give me a minute.
I needed air and yet I didn’t want to draw breath.

Earphones in, music going, journal in my hand I was coming off the back of a massive trade show.
Things looked great and I was feeling good.
It didn’t make sense to focus on something other than my business I was travelling for.
But it was so clear. 


I had every excuse and yet...


Oh God but then they’ll see me. 
What will they think?
I know that sometimes I write because I’m trying to convince myself, not you.
Then sometimes I write out of absolute flow and certainty.

An unshakeable, get me my soap box, I’m ready to PREACH kind of flow.

Sometimes it dribbles off my fingers and I feel like a kid who’s playing pretend.
But mostly, I get that feeling like ya’ll better sit up and pay attention cause this is REAL!

But more than anything I write because...


So obviously, I decided to listen and obey. Everyday. 
Whether published or not. Everyday I write. No exceptions. 

Then I share in a couple of ways but however it happens, 
I don’t get to choose what hits people in the heart.
Don’t get to decide what YOU need and how this will help YOU.

I just get to show up.
Live like I mean it.
Get more comfy in my own skin everyday.

So I started.
And everyday I did it, the more tangled stuff I threw out there, the more I got certain.
Now for all the muck and wonder, the humanity and questions, I've never felt more sure of myself. 
Of my purpose. 
Of my connection to truth.

But today I had that same feeling again.
This time, in a paddock, tucked in a little shed down in New Zealand.



It may seem small to you but in my mind I’ve been hiding and I knew this was the truth. 
It’s time to good and proper out myself because I know that the next level always requires more light. 

The TRUTH is… 
Yes I’m multi passionate and run a few things at once. 
But I've been scared to say I'm 'coaching' people for quite a while now. 
Struggled with the word 'mentor’.
Even though it’s one of the things I MOST love to do and I do it all the time because it just comes out of me. I love the future focused, brainstorming and activating. 

You tell me you’ve got questions about wanting to have it all, the travel, relationship, income, purpose and I’m all up in it.
I’m right there shaking things up and getting you started on designing the big life. Just try and stop me!!
And, while it used to surprise me I've actually been doing it long enough now that I just expect it. Seeing through the stories to what's really holding people back. Things shift for people. They get clarity. It works!

Yet the truth is I think there are some really douchey coaches out there and I REALLY don’t want to be one of them. 
So, I’ve hidden behind my other businesses.
The ones that make good money and a whole lot of sense to everyone looking in from the outside. 

Scared to put a label on it because I feel like when I’m talking with people about lifestyle design, they’ll see right through me. 
They’ll realise there’s bits of my own life that are still under heavy construction. 
Scared because of all the things that people think… (and what I think they think mostly right?!)

But really, all I’m responsible for and what I gave myself permission to do is WRITE and SHARE.
So I’ve decided fresh again today. 
I’m going to commit to telling you the TRUTH. 

So lets start here…
There’s a large amount of how I live that’s due to an absolute determination that I didn’t want a standard 9-5 life, because I think ya’ll are crazy how you bumble along like lemmings off a cliff. 
I have never wanted a conventional path and I REFUSE to settle for that. 

Even when things look standard on the surface I’m always pushing for more.
Evan (my husband) and I make consistent choices to push out into the deep and take some almighty risks towards purpose. 
It is messy and GLORIOUS all at once. 

> It requires the DEEP inner work of examining who you are and what you really want. 
> Takes trust, in each other and in our own intuition. 
> Involves doing things other people think is CRAZY and learning to brush it off when they tell you so. 
> Means learning to love yourself even when you change course, screw up or falter. 

To mentor someone is to share what you know, the things you’ve learnt that can help people move the needle in their own lives. 
It's not counselling or therapy. It's not my job to MAKE people change. 
Coaching is sharing how to get somewhere, train right, get a game plan. 
So, let me share a little more truthfully with you from here on out, in the hopes that it will help you some of you sit up and think. 

Now, you can keep going as you are if you WANT to. 
Umm and ahhing about this life you’re living. 
Pushing down that feeling that you want MORE and there’s a bigger life of purpose waiting for you. 
You can ignore it but eventually IT WILL EAT YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT. 

And that’s what will happen to MOST of you. 
You will ignore it. 
Live frustrated then get good at numbing yourself down to normal and playing by the rules. Doing what everyone tells you to. 
You’ll reach 75 years old, your time will be up and you’ll die. 

Then they’ll put something pretty on your tombstone like ‘Gone but never forgotten’ which won’t really be true because eventually they will forget, because you never did anything that mattered. 
Never gave in to who you’re really designed to be. 
Didn’t tap into YOUR purpose work. 

Bout time to start living the way you’re intended to don't ya think?
Awake and dreaming.

P.S - It’s one thing to know that antsy feeling. The ‘I want more, and not the normal life’ kind of feeling. 
It’s another thing to figure out how to lean into your own design and get there. 
>> That’s why you should message me. 
Cause I’m great at COACHING people to get stared on something new!!

And if you’re between 23-28yrs, well, it’s just a given that I’m probably gonna like you best. 
I love a good millennial girl who’s looking for a life that fulfils her instead of doing what’s expected, before she gets completely stuck in the rut of regular life too hard.  
So if you know you need to make some shifts, I’ve got a 1:1 deal that’s just for you.
But move quick my pretty. I’ve designed my life so I only work the hours that suit me, and I just have a few spaces free.
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