Take Some Action And Get That Stuff Changed Out 

My dog has been panting and whining at me this morning. 
It’s been a very literal ‘bitch please’ conversation going on over here. 

I get up, let her out, she wants to come back in. 
She’s been fed, got water, had a belly rub. 
Still making herself heard. 

Finally in exasperation I went to check her water. 
It’s there, a little grubby but still, it’s water. 

Ok, diva, fine, I’ll completely scrub your bowl and get you the clean absolutely freshest water I can source. 
Why don’t you wait while I climb to the foot of the andes and get you some pure distilled glacier fed water. 

Well what do you know?
Girls got standards. 

Thank you mum for my clean water she says as she smooches me. 
Thank you for giving me what I know I deserve. 
Now, I shall lie here in the sun and rest like the dog goddess I know I am!!

And I just wonder. 
Do we need to get a little more vocal about what we expect out of our lives?
Do we need to stand up and design a life we LOVE, not one where we’re just getting by. 
Do we need to stop accepting sub standard, scummy sorts of options when really there is so much more available?

Where are you settling for a less than purposeful, passionate life?
Make some noise about it girlfriend. 
Take some action and get that stuff changed out. 


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