This Is Gracious Favour

~ Despite my slow start, what I dreamt is now real ~
Regardless of every wrong turn, my hearts imaginings and deep desires are coming to life. 

Eventually I gave in. I let who I am find a home in me. 
Then it started to leak out and the world around me changed. 

Wispy words muffled and delivered in the early morning with childish kisses on my neck. 
The warm sun gently beating on my back as we chatter our way to school in the morning, their hands in mine. 

Almond lattes and my pick of the mouthwatering menu. 
My journal faithfully resting there waiting for other dimensions and new realities to be written.

The answer to a sister and friends call for help. No hesitation. 
I am times master and go where I please, when I choose. 

Two dates this week. Yes my love, YES!
Spanish lessons, Mexican food and deep belly laughs with friends. 

The warm doggy lick greetings and standing at the gate, watching our dream home take shape. 
Dad visiting, pointing out kingfisher birds and fantails as they flit, the Kahu soars overhead. 

We hear of need and can give, deeply and freely. 
The beautiful intention of God at play, that we, the people would meet our fellow humans in their time of need. 

Words don’t really give enough meaning to these heartbeats.
I am full to overflowing. 
Grateful and in awe. 

This is gracious favour. 
That I can co-author.
Can write the very pages of my life alongside the divine. 

Who could imagine such privilege?
That it could come with this sense of ease. 

No pushing, no striving. 
Just being. 


P.S - Alright world changer.
This is for YOU.

It’s a little tropical getaway with a twist.
You, me and FIJI.
Yes, I’m FOR REAL and I’m owning that this is how I want to work in winter!!
I’m gonna call it >> HOT and HAPPY <<
Cause actually, that’s what I want, and lets admit it - you do too!!

We’ll start with a 4 day weekend in Fiji followed by 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching.
(July 25, 26, 27, 28th at the Sheraton Fiji including a day on a beautiful private island!)

It’s luxury accomodation, lazing by the pool, drinking ALL the cocktails and living the good life.
>> And here’s the twist<<
We’ll get down to the real stuff.
Dig into the heart work that’s required to get you where you really want to go.
From the moment you arrive we’re looking at shifting your reality.
Who do you REALLY want to be and what’s it going to take to own that in a bigger way?
We’ll dig into the truth of what you believe you’re called to do and how to turn that passion into PAY DAYS and FREEDOM.
Lets lean into what it looks like to be a world changer who also changes her own reality.

We’ll uncover the steps you need to take to be ALL the things you’re dreaming of.
And we’ll do it in style.

Message me NOW for details cause I’m putting together an epic package that you do NOT want to miss out on!!

>> One place sold already, two places pencilled, (in just one day!!) and only two more available.
This is selling fast and the girls coming so far are some badass world changers who're ready for MORE! <<

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