Ready To Get Paid For Doing What You Love?

This is what happens to my soul people. 
The world changers who are ready to start getting paid for what they’re passionate about. 

After years of wanting to chef full-time, but not having the courage or knowing how to jump into it, Cammy is now running a personal chef business that is absolutely changing her reality.
In just one month, working with me, she’s quit her job and has booked two clients. She's working for them as a personal chef which she LOVES. 
She’s got a waiting list for when she finishes study in a weeks time as well and she's almost FULLY BOOKED. 

And the coolest bit is more than just the fact she’s getting paid for her passion. 
Yes, the bills are getting paid while she’s doing what she loves but she’s also got ALL the freedom to choose how she spends her time, which equals more of her day playing with her gorgeous rescue pup Saint, making plans for her tiny house with her partner and creating her garden. 
Oh, yeah, and the world changing bit I mentioned. 
Cammy’s got a vision to start a community garden that helps people with mental illness. How cool is that!?!

See, It doesn’t have to be complicated!

It was all little things she just couldn't quite see that came together to build the plan for her beautiful life. 

We looked at how Cammy could get PAID to do what she ENJOYS to start with. 
What had to shift in her so she could start believing it WAS possible. 
Together we worked out what it would REALLY take to get started
We explored the DREAM ideas about how she could start setting things up to build her tiny house one day. 
How she wants to contribute to the world and start a community garden that HELPS people with mental illness. 
~ We went deep and continue to push further into the beliefs about who she IS that need to change in order for her to get there ~ 
Then I got her taking the PRACTICAL steps to make it happen. 

>>>>>> Meg helped me map out what I want in my life, my dreams and everything else that comes with it. 
She’s a god I swear! Not only does she help you get started but just being around her energy is inspiring. 
Now, because of Meg I run my own personal chef business that is growing by just word of mouth!!
If you ever get the chance to work with her, DO IT, because it will seriously change your life! 
- Cammy <<<<<<<<

So, want to know how to turn your purpose and passion into PAY days and PLAY days?. 
Actual, practical, tangible stuff plus the deep work to get you there?!.
I LOVE that stuff. 

I don’t teach coaches how to be coaches or just how to upscale your exisiting business. 
I work with YOU, so you can have more days doing ALL the things you adore. 
The things you’re deeply passionate about - and bonus - I believe you should get paid to do it!
You’ll see where you can make adjustments so you can live the way you want to. 

And in July we’re doing all that, the SUPER fun way. 
In FIJI!!!
Check it out below!


P.S - Alright world changer.
This is for YOU.

It’s a little tropical getaway with a twist.
You, me and FIJI.
Yes, I’m FOR REAL and I’m owning that this is how I want to work in winter!!
I’m gonna call it >> HOT and HAPPY <<
Cause actually, that’s what I want, and lets admit it - you do too!!

We’ll start with a 4 day weekend in Fiji followed by 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching.
(July 25, 26, 27, 28th at the Sheraton Fiji including a day on a beautiful private island!)

It’s luxury accomodation, lazing by the pool, drinking ALL the cocktails and living the good life.
>> And here’s the twist<<
We’ll get down to the real stuff.
Dig into the heart work that’s required to get you where you really want to go.
From the moment you arrive we’re looking at shifting your reality.
Who do you REALLY want to be and what’s it going to take to own that in a bigger way?
We’ll dig into the truth of what you believe you’re called to do and how to turn that passion into PAY DAYS and FREEDOM.
Lets lean into what it looks like to be a world changer who also changes her own reality.

We’ll uncover the steps you need to take to be ALL the things you’re dreaming of.
And we’ll do it in style.

Message me NOW for details cause I’m putting together an epic package that you do NOT want to miss out on!!

>> One place sold already, two places pencilled, (in just one day!!) and only two more available.
This is selling fast and the girls coming so far are some badass world changers who're ready for MORE! <<

Message NOW for details on how you can come join me!!