You're Not Owning What You Really Want So It Just Can't Happen

But it only takes 5 minutes and then EVERYTHING becomes possible. 

I was so busy thinking business and I knew I needed to lighten up. I got really honest about what I really wanted inside.
This year...
🌴I want to work in the sun
💲Make 69K a month
🏚Build three angel houses for orphans in India
💃Have a wardrobe with beautiful statement pieces from The Ziran
👑Get regular massages and treatments
💥Have epic sex always
👩‍🍳Have a chef, an assistant and a cleaner
🛫Travel often
🙌Pay off our new house build in record time

I would NOT have said that out loud last year, never mind to the whole of the internet. 
But at the start of the year I wrote those goals down. I actually admitted the stuff I think is a little bit superficial. 
But guess what - I’m almost half the way through ticking off the list already!! (in no particular order 😜)

But 8 years ago it was more like: 
💀I want to get through today without thinking about a permanent way out. 
💀I want to eat without stomach pain. 
💀I want to be able to take the kids for a walk and not suffer for it for a day afterwards physically. 
💀I want to have a day without a chronic migraine. 
💀I want to not cry today cause it all hurts, body, soul and spirit. 
💀Oh, and if I can get through that, I want to make enough money somehow so we don’t have to have government assistance. 

Those two lists are such worlds apart from each other I can hardly believe they’re both mine. 

Do you KNOW how much power there is in owning what you desire?

I would never have got to list one if I hadn’t done the internal work back at list two. 
You literally cannot get started on designing a life that lights you up unless you OWN where you are and what you want. 

I don’t care where you’re at and how much you make right now, what your life looks like, how possible you think those desires are. 

It takes 5 minutes to sit and brain dump on this. 
Be really super honest with what you WANT.

> Just write EVERYTHING < 

⚡️What do you want to HAVE?
⚡️What do you want to DO?
⚡️Who do you want to BE?

Then the rubber hits the road with the taking action bit. 
This is why you need people in your corner. 

Because once you know the stuff, it all becomes an internal game. 
💃WHO are you inside? 
💃Do you believe you have what it takes?
💃Are you aware of your blindspots?
💃What needs to shift in you to go to that place you desire?

The only way I know to really live the dream, is to go DEEP into these truths. 
Honestly, you can have ANY product, desire ANY amount of money, have ANY amount of heart for worldwide impact, 
>> but if you don’t let WHO YOU ARE find a home in YOU and shift into that reality internally, you’ll never make it past the brain dump stage. 

So yep, I help women with the practicalities of turning what they love into PAY days, designing a FREEDOM lifestyle and creating products etc etc, 
but REALLY, when you get down to it all, 
if you ever want it to work, we have to go DEEP. 
Down to the truth about what you HONESTLY desire and if you're BRAVE enough to let it be so. 


P.S - That’s why you need to relax. 
Let the real things unfold. 
So here it is...

It’s a little tropical getaway with a twist.
You, me and FIJI.
Yes, I’m FOR REAL and I’m owning that this is how I want to work in winter!!
I’m gonna call it >> HOT and HAPPY <<
Cause actually, that’s what I want, and lets admit it - you do too!!

We’ll start with a 4 day weekend in Fiji followed by 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching.
(July 25, 26, 27, 28th at the Sheraton Fiji including a day on a beautiful private island!)

It’s luxury accommodation, lazing by the pool, drinking ALL the cocktails and living the good life.
>> And here’s the twist<<
We’ll get down to the real stuff.
Dig into the heart work that’s required to get you where you really want to go.
From the moment you arrive we’re looking at shifting your reality.
Who do you REALLY want to be and what’s it going to take to own that in a bigger way?
We’ll dig into the truth of what you believe you’re called to do and how to turn that passion into PAY DAYS and FREEDOM.
Lets lean into what it looks like to be a world changer who also changes her own reality.

We’ll uncover the steps you need to take to be ALL the things you’re dreaming of.
And we’ll do it in style.

Message me NOW for details cause I’m putting together an epic package that you do NOT want to miss out on!!

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