Celebrate It All


Honestly, a lot of what you see on Facebook and Insta right now is the same same…
‘btw - here’s a pic of my dog and my kid with a sports trophy’. 

Ok, cool - that’s totally fine if that’s what you want to share, but me…
I’m not writing about my life so you can say ‘Wow, look at Meg’. 
I’m just over here on a mission to help as many other woman have the kickass lives they’re dreaming about.

Because I KNOW what it’s like to feel stuck and I know it SUCKS.
I also know it’s possible to live differently. 

I’m talking about it ALL because I really want the people who read my stuff to know that:
Anything is possible - FOR THEM!!!

I get it, it seems big headed to some of you to share the more out there stuff, or you don’t understand what I’m talking about.
If that’s the case, maybe it’s not FOR you. 

But I’m still committed to sharing both sides of the coin, the good and the bad, for the people who need to hear it. 
Maybe that’s you, maybe it’s not. 
(And you know where the unfollow button is if it’s not your buzz - won’t even be offended!)

I’ll share it on my business page, and when I feel like it, I’ll pump it over to my personal too. 
Because I don’t really see much distinction between what is work and life. 
When you’re doing what you love, work IS a part of the life you want. 

See, I don’t make out that this life I have is some walk in the park that just landed in my lap but I WILL share the good life too.
Because if I don’t share, how will people see what is possible!?!

Not some perfect thing, but my life is a REAL amazing thing for sure. 
Everyday I drive down my driveway I get this feeling like ‘How is this my life? I am in the wide open spaces I’ve dreamt about!’. 
Throw back to 10 years ago and my life was CRAZY different to this. 

Sometimes people are all fine so long as you’re sharing the heartache and the pain but when you share the success they get triggered by it. 
Still, I knew that this year my challenge was going to be sharing the TRUTH, not just sharing how I’ve overcome stuff. 
Because that is only PART of my story. 
What is also real is that my life is actually amazing ALOT of the time. 
There’s loads of reasons for that but honestly guys. 
It was NOT always like that. 

We need to get really seriously good at celebrating people when they’re smashing it and winning at life.
As good as we are at supporting them when they need help. 

Because that’s life. 
The good and the bad. 
Let’s not cover up either. 

Also, we get what we FOCUS on, so I would way rather be talking about and celebrating the wins!. 
My own and the people I work with. 
Doesn’t mean we hide from the hard stuff but we are acknowledging that we get to choose our response to life.

If your life sucks right now, you CAN change it. Step by step. There are always gains to be made. 

And, if your life is amazing, yay for grace and favour but also, good on YOU for doing how you do. 

So, hit me with your latest success story. 
I wanna hear all about something you absolutely smashed recently and why you’re feeling really proud of yourself!!
Comment below. 

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