You Can Have Money And Heart


>> You’re ready for a deeper level of service, not just to your clients, but to the world. You're ready to make your mark in history. 

I’ve said for a while that if I had no fear, if I was 100% stepping into the highest version of myself, I’d do this thing where I get the boss babes, biz women, coaches and high level execs and make a 💃 Secret Society of World Changers 💃

Why? Because I'm pro money and I'm seeing it and feeling it everywhere. Women with the money are tired of people talking smack about money and they know it’s about so much MORE than the dollars you put on some post.
Money is a tool. A super valuable, amazing tool, when it's in the right hands. The women who know that also know: 

> They can have money and heart. 

> They’re born to not just change the lives of the people they work with but also to fight injustice and leave a legacy. 

I'm thinking we’d have these kind of mastermind get togethers, virtual and real, in style, because yes, of course that’s how it is, we believe in abundance. 

>> We’d talk about all the mastermind things, becoming better versions of ourselves, pushing into the next level, and the energy would be high as the sky cause we’re ALL driven like that and we’d ALL bring something to the table. There would be such a natural synergy and sisterhood about what we do. 

🚀 Then we’d shift it into the stratosphere when we added this bit of HEART to it 🚀

We’d regularly pick a project, like every quarter or 6 months and we’d commit to smashing it out the park. 
💕Build an angel house for orphaned kids in India. 
💕Support a young entrepreneur who’s started some amazing social justice project.
💕Build a community well and provide clean water. 
There's so many options!. 

Every quarter I’d bring us a list of things to pick from and we’d BAND TOGETHER to make our chosen project happen. Maybe sometimes we’d get the founder of that thing to come join us and fill us in on how we can help them too. 

💥And we would SMASH injustice 💥
Of course there would be business benfits to how the society/mastermind works because we know we get to make all the money and do ALL the things we desire which are in our hearts to do, with NO lack
AND... AND AND AND... we would create change for people who are living in poverty and struggling under the weight of injustice. 
We would leave a significant legacy through what we do together. 

Then naturally, spliced in our insta stories and our posts about amazing client results would be these moments where our hearts just overflow knowing that we’ve helped get women out of sex trafficking, saved children from illness, supported budding entrepreneurs in other countries to build and design their lives free from poverty. 💖

I'd get it working so we make amazing videos and media stuff, which help you tell the story so you can share it with your people if you wanted to 💃

> There would be the chance for us to go and connect on the ground with what we’ve helped to do if we want and we’d tell the stories of the lives that are changed, and us, the women who helped change them. 

There are SO many amazing charities and organisations in the world that I really don’t want to re-invent the wheel. 

But I DO want to multiply the effect that we can each have as one person and I’m hearing so much from my friends who are making the money, living their beautiful lives that it’s time to make our mark in history. 💪

Imagine looking back on your life and saying ‘Me and the girls, we for REAL changed the world. 
We built empires, we helped clients to become better versions of themselves and pursue what they were born to do, AND, we created serious social change that affected people’s lives FOREVER and changed the story of our world. 

So, who’s in?
Message me if this sounds like you and I might even teach you the secret handshake 😉