You Don’t Have To Have It Perfect 

It’s so messy this creating a life you love. 
It’s all tangly with emotions and ideas and doubts. 
It grows wild, in a rusty old paint tin. 

What I thought I wanted to say at the start is that it’s only a drama until you decide it’s NOT.
It just is what it is. 

But I wasn’t quite feeling that today, even though that’s what I believe at the end of it all.
- Just decide. It doesn’t have to be a drama - 

But last night I was honestly feeling like what I have to say sometimes is nothing new, like surely no one needs to know that. 
Until I get messages from people about how they’ve read my stuff, done a course, worked with me and then stepped out and tried that new thing, started a new business or whatever their thing is. 
How their reality is shifting cause they’ve started to write something new for themselves. 

Meanwhile I’m crawling into bed at midnight cause I’ve sat up mindlessly scrolling and writing. 
Then I’m telling Ev I just don’t even KNOW what I’m good at anymore. 
Honestly! It was high dramas last night 😫

I guess it just goes to show, having your own life all perfect is not the pre-requisite for doing something worthwhile. 
Choosing to show up, even when you don’t feel it, well THATS worth doing. 

And if you want to be a leader of any description, it’s true, you better pull your socks up and do the damn thing anyway, despite your drama. 
Cause you being you and making a difference isn’t just conditional on how you feel. 
You are who you CHOOSE to be. 

But I get it that sometimes we all need someone to give us a shove. 
So, if you’re mucking around today, doubting yourself and what you’re amazing at, that you are loved and valuable just because you are, 
Well, consider this your kick in the pants. 

You don’t have to have it perfect. 
Just show up anyway and do what you know you’re called to do. 

P.S: You need a break. 
This is a little tropical getaway with a twist.
You, me and FIJI.
Yes, I’m FOR REAL and I’m owning that this is how I want to work in winter!!
I’m gonna call it >> HOT and HAPPY <<
Cause actually, that’s what I want, and lets admit it - you do too!!

We’ll start with a 4 day weekend in Fiji followed by 4 weeks of 1:1 coaching.
(July 25, 26, 27, 28th at the Sheraton Fiji including a day on a beautiful private island!)

It’s luxury accommodation, lazing by the pool, drinking ALL the cocktails and living the good life.
>> And here’s the twist<<
We’ll get down to the real stuff.
Dig into the heart work that’s required to get you where you really want to go.
From the moment you arrive we’re looking at shifting your reality.
Who do you REALLY want to be and what’s it going to take to own that in a bigger way?
We’ll dig into the truth of what you believe you’re called to do and how to turn that passion into PAY DAYS and FREEDOM.
Lets lean into what it looks like to be a world changer who also changes her own reality.

We’ll uncover the steps you need to take to be ALL the things you’re dreaming of.
And we’ll do it in style.

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