Epic Fail

Yesterday was an epic fail. 

There was a slow start, with nagging and winding the kids up to get ready for school. 
Short sharp replies between my man and I. 
A work day of self doubt and questions. 
Bad food choices. 
A school meeting with some hard truths about one of my kids beautiful classes. 
The unimaginable stupidity of someone we were trusting related to getting our mortgage approved by the bank. 
A complete dinnertime meltdown and parenting fail. 
The exhausted evening and overwhelmingly messy house. 

Some days are just too much. 
They are like a thick cloud and 100% warrant sending your husband the ‘one way tickets to Fiji’ screenshots.

But here’s the thing. 
They are just days. 
Days like any other. 
With lessons to be learnt. 

Somedays I still crack under pressure. 
And I need to be kind to me then more than ever. 
The little me inside is hurting and I need to take care of her. 

Not pity her or pander to the emotion, but just deeply love and accept her even when she’s doing it tough. 
This may be the hardest lesson of all. 

That even when I fall down. I am ok.
The truth is. We all mess it up sometimes. 
We all grieve and struggle and doubt. 
But we get to choose to rise the next day. 
And rise we will. 
Because we’re made of the strong stuff. 
The big brave and bold stuff. 

You are stronger than you feel right now. 
Remember that. 

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Get in soon cause I'm not turning this one into a course for later. 
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