Stop Worrying What They Think

I just had a rant on the phone to my sister this morning. 

I SO want them to be healthy, full of life and reach their potential.
But you go and screw it up by sitting on your arse not taking action!

So, um, hello, mirror right there perhaps?
Like, actually, right back in my face about where I’m not taking action. 

Hiding behind what’s known. 
Giving the ‘right answer’ even when it’s not what’s deep in my heart. 

Oh the lessons we learn. 
No matter how far you go, how much you feel like you’re winning at life, stuff comes up. 

Here’s what I know. 
I still hold MYSELF back. 
Don’t give myself permission to HAVE, DO, BE some of the things I desire because I think people will judge me for it. 
And yet that is what I tell people NOT to do. 
You know, that holding back thing!

Oh lady. Come on.
When you look deep into the future. 
To those dreams you have, what feelings and fears come up for you?
Cause those things. they’re the excuses that will hold you back. 
Be brave enough to take a little peek at those for a minute. 

I’ll be honest, for me, it’s that when I really get ranting and raving about the deep stuff that matters to me, my family and friends will think I’m full of myself. 
They’ll think I’m trying to be some kind of guru and I REALLY don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. 
They’ll think I’m rejecting my faith cause it’s not 100% within how they think things should happen. 
They’ll think I just got lucky and fluked it. 
They’ll think, they’ll think, they’ll think. 

See the pattern?
So much time worrying what THEY think. 

When really, while I know some of that is true, and some people don’t agree with all that I write or how I’m rolling these days, I KNOW my path. 
I don’t want to stop. I literally feel it in my bones. 
This compulsion to write. To share what I’ve learnt. 
I do it, paid or not. It’s intrinsically built into me. 

When I’m in that flow, when I’m freely sharing, people’s get the shifts THEY have been looking for. 
And I get to remind myself in a greater way that my excuses are a pretty pathetic reason to NOT help people. 

I ran a FREE group last week and one of the women finally owned her worth and tripled her prices!
Women got motivated and started moving forward on their product ideas after umming and ahhing for months. 
They stepped into OWNING who they are and what they want.

That’s what I want for you. 
To REALLY own who you are and what you’re called to do. 💃
Because it has been and continues to be one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learnt. 
To remove the excuses that are holding you back and be the biggest boldest version of yourself. 
To go do ALL THE THINGS that light you up. 

Make the change in the world. 
Start a business
Sponsor whole villages of community development in places all around the world. 
Travel to those remote, out of the way places where everyone tells you it’s not safe, and go get the stories you’re looking for. 
Learn a language. 
Pay off your mortgage, and your siblings mortgages too. 
Make bucketloads of cash and give give give.
And buy the nice car if you want too. 
Because it’s ok to want ALL those things. 

So, make a decision. 
Right now. 
That you’re ready to drop that drama that’s holding you back. 
Choose the stretch and start to imagine what the next five years are gonna look like if you get serious about those real heart dreams. 


So, I’m calling you out on something today. 
You’ve seen my posts about FIJI and you KNOW you want to come. 🌴🍹🛫💕
But you’re worried about what people will think if you spent that much money on yourself. 🙃
Mmmhmmm. Ok girl. 
I hear you. 
But it’s still rubbish. 

You KNOW you need to step into a greater level of confidence. 
You need a stir up. 

I KNOW you KNOW this because it’s like some kind of weird universal thing that if you’re gonna lead people through something you get to re-learn it for yourself before you teach it again. 
And I’ve been re-learning this. 

I tried filling up the offer for this retreat with all the things I thought would make you like me and prove that I was a good enough mentor for you. **beh beowww...**
Tried to add on graphic design and photoshoots and things I thought I needed to convince you. 

When, truth is, the power of this retreat is in the things I LOVE to do and am good at. 
The things that YOU need to do right now. 

> Travel - shift your environment and disengage from normal for a while. 
> Talk it out - Dig deep into what’s holding you back and get some outside perspective. 
> Design thinking - Crazy creative innovative ways to explore how you can do more of what you love. 
> Drink the cocktails, swim and have deep revelatory moments of conversation. 
> Have FUN - Let yourself be YOU. Fun, fully expressed and then get ready to change the world. 

I knew I wanted 5-7 women on this retreat and I didn’t get the numbers in time for July. 
So, I gave myself permission to adjust. 
The girls who did signup are cool with that and we’re shifting it to late august. 

Now, instead of thinking of that as a fail, I get to be excited about it because I know it means there are some more babes who’re meant to be coming with us. 

And if it’s YOU, stop mucking around and letting those excuses win OK. 
Message me. 🙌