I Did Something Crazy And My Business Got Next Level Cool Results

>> I did something CRAZY and my business got NEXT level cool results<<

Sometimes... correction, MOST of the time, business isn’t about business at all. 

So, recently, I followed a gut feeling, completely trusted and GAVE money to someone. Now, I'm a giver so in itself that's not too unusual but this was a cash gift to an unknown stranger at a weird time.
I had the nudge, ‘Send her $100USD and you will receive that 10 fold’.

Well, ok then. Doesn’t make sense but sure, I did it. 
Less than an hour later and I’m on a casual messenger chat with someone else. 
First time we’ve ever spoken and she buys a $1000 package. 
Hello intuition!!

Later that same day I feel ‘You need to spend $1500 on that course you’ve been eyeing up’.
Even though it’s not quite the right time, boom, I hit order and an hour later we get a call from the accountant that our extra $15K owed on tax, we’ve actually already paid, so NO extra tax bill next month!
10X return on intuition baby. 10X !! 

If that sounds woo woo to you, just know that I’ve been to some pretty dry seminars and had my share of stuffy formal business advisors. 
The ones who tell you that you need to be:

🙄 Professionally dressed at all times
🙄 Have a 1-5 year business plan
🙄 Identify all the potential roadblocks to market
🙄 Have XY and Z ALL in place before you launch
🙄 Have a complete website, brochure, business cards and a linked in account or no one will take you seriously. 

Now, from this side of the business game, knowing what I know after all these years, all I can say is,
❌ Oh lawdy lawdy NO!!
Not me, 100% Not ok, 
Not gonna work. 
Not for me. 
Ah to the Nah to the NO NO NO!!

In fact I’ve damn near had a full blown panic attack in the accountants office, skin crawling, world going fuzzy and I felt like I was having an allergic reaction to how calm and certain he was about numbers and systems. 
I mean, he was such a nice guy. Really really lovely, but I was totally in a place where what I needed to grow was the opposite of what he was advising. 

> I didn’t need a full market assessment before I jumped. 
> Wasn’t going to do a better job at selling because I had some more numbers on the page. 
The join the dots approach was never going to work for me. 

I needed to lean into what I KNEW to be true. 
Trust my intuition and my gut leading. 
Press into my creative, future thinking self and go where she lead me. 

❗️BUT… There was a reason I KNEW I could do it that way.

Because I had tried and failed SO many times over. 
Through all the startups I’ve done I have built a foundation that I was then able to draw on without realising that’s what I was referencing. 

It’s kinda like trusting that a chair will hold you up when you sit on it and you don’t think about it every time you go to use the chair. 
But that same chair, well, you built it, piece by piece. 
You cut the wood, sanded it down and put it all together. 
You know it inside out and NOW, because of how it’s built, you know you can TRUST it. 

>> That is the place you want to get to. 
Where you know what you know deep inside and you can draw on that using your creative self and your intuition. 

So sure, it might be daunting to look at the raw bits of wood and wonder how you’re going to put this thing together but trust me, it’s SO worth it. 

If you’re a creative and a wild leader, chances are your business will still be a bit chaotic and fabulously fluid but honestly, do the work to look into these few things. 
You don’t even have to know the proper names for things (I still don’t on some stuff) but get the concepts in your head. 

💥Understanding your basic profit and loss, cost to produce situation. 
What is the cost of your product, what can you realistically sell it for and how much will you have left over?
SO many entrepreneurs honesty don’t do this one soon enough and it sinks them. 

💥Channels to market
Who do you want to work with, will they buy your stuff, where do those people hang out, and how are you going to get them over the line to buy?
(Pro tip - getting them over the line is usually all about being a bolder more compelling version of YOU, not some system of what to say at the right time!)

💥Know your risks. 
Some products have a higher risk factor than others. 
Understand if you’re creating a physical product in skincare, food, anything baby related etc, you’re really going to have to cover your arse and make sure you know what insurance or safeguards need to be in place. 
Just knowing these details will often help inform if and how you create something in the particular industry you’re looking at. 

At the very least, talk to an accountant about how much you need to put away to keep you on the right side of the law. 
Put that 30% of whatever comes in, or whatever number they help you work out, into a separate account and DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESE TOUCH THAT ACCOUNT!!!
You will thank me for yelling at the end of the financial year. 

💥Fail fast.
If something is not going to work, it’s better to know sooner rather than later and avoid staying in something because of the sunk cost. 
Before you have spent years of your life and that last bit of grandma’s inheritance, DO the work to figure out if this business is a goer. 
If it’s not gonna be right, fail fast. 

💥Choose now, to always get back UP. 
If and when you fall down, by all means, take a breather while you’re there. 
But understand that the successful entrepreneurs get back up. Over and over again. 
And every time they do, they’ve got more skills to throw at the next project. 

If this hits a chord with you, you’re right at that startup stage and you want someone to run their eyes over your plan, ask you all the hard questions and generally get you set for Startup Success, (plus then help you lean in to your own creative Boss Babe state of mind!), I’m your girl. 
Message me if you want to know more.