Give Those God Sparks In You Breath And Life And Fan Them Up Into A Flame

👑Starts here baby, right where you're too scared to look 👑

I didn’t start showing up in this little internet world to sell you on things. 
When I started writing it was because this thing in me HAS to come out, the art has a life of it’s own. 
I know you know that feeling. Something burning deep in you. 
But looking down the barrel of that much wild has a tendency to shut people up. 
It’s too random, too unpredictable. Too MUCH. 

I did the same as you for years. I shut it down.
I got a little scared if I’m being honest. 

I thought after all these years, I’d pushed through, given in and finally let who I am find a home in me. 
But it happened again when I got online and starting sharing in these spaces. 
Too quickly I got distracted, tried to stuff myself into the little boxes of what a pretty little internet marketer did. 
Tried to come up with a tag line to show you who I am. 
… Like it could fit in one tidy little line. 

Enough. I’m DONE. 
I didn’t show up on earth for normal. 
I didn’t get sent for some basic everyday assignment.

You either I’ll bet. 

You know that deep ache that’s in you? 
That desire. It’s in you for a reason. 
To propel you forward. To spur you to action. 
To remind you there’s more. 
More for you to do and be and create. 

The products, the programmes, the courses, the 1:1. 
That all just happens because I see needs.

I see women stuck, holding on to who they think they are, not letting out their creative true self. 
I see the ones who know that call of the wild heart. 
The artists who need creativity like they need air. 
I see you there, sitting on gold and pretending like it’s no big thing. 
Holding onto the stone and clay instead, thinking you can build a life out of that. 

Let go. 
Give those God sparks in you breath and life and fan them up into a flame. 

Give in to it. The real deep and true you. 
That bit is endlessly significant. Eternal even. 
It’s the only way. 

Stop caring what anyone thinks. 
Worrying if anyone likes what you’re bringing to life or not. 
It was never about that was it?

It’s about deep soul breaths that shake the nations. 
About movement that ripples around the world, into the crevices and brings it light. 
It’s about what you carry. 

And then, when you finally let it settle. 
When you give into the truth of what you’re made for the other things fall away. 
It’s not always immediate, but the more you do it, the more you stretch out, the less the voices of opinion bind you. 

EVERYTHING else can work once you give in. 
> The business and the money can flow < 
> The relationships become deeper and fuller < 
> The time is spent on the things that light you up and bring you joy < 

Until finally, there you are. 
Standing right in the middle of the vision. 
YOU, unashamed. 


P.S - This is what the Hot and Happy retreat in Fiji is REALLY about. 
It’s all the practical things, the plans and breakdowns but more than anything it’s about YOU, finding YOU. 
The real deep true YOU. 

Then sure, we’ll translate that into business talk, figure out how you take what you love and turn it into paydays. 
That’s all by the by and it happens just because. 

But only after we get YOU back to who you’re meant to be. 
Expressing yourself. 
Loving what you find. 
Dropping the opinions and the struggle. 

So come with me. 
It’s time to RELAX into who you’re designed to be. 
Message me NOW to get your place.