Be, Build, Break


Turn around, take stock. realise what THIS moment in time is for in your business and life.

🎶 For every season, turn, turn, turn, there is a reason, turn, turn, turn. 🎶

I remember being captured by that song when I watched Forrest Gump years ago. 
My mum used to play the soundtrack often and I was so caught by the tune of it.

It was free, it was creative, I felt the spirit of the time in it, but it echo’d an ancient truth. 
Everything, in it’s right season. 
Everything, in time and through time.

>> Did you think it was any different for you? 
That you could get where you want to go by PUSHING. 
By hustling and trying to make something happen in your own strength.

Yes, you’re driven. Yes, you make things happen. 
I say Yes to being 'too much' all the time. 
And YES to reading the times. The times of YOUR life, not anyone else's.

💫 There are seasons to simply > BE < 
To settle down deeper and let who you are find a home in you. 
Embracing your imperfections and the process you’re in. 
To relax, have fun and drop deeper into trust.

💫 There are seasons to > BUILD < 
When you’re actively creating what you desire. 
You’re laying foundations and frameworks. 
Everything about what you’re doing is intentional, dare I say it to a creative woman like you, even disciplined and consistent!. 
Where you’re building in new layers of the support you need and diving deep into how you are organically growing.

There are seasons to > BREAK < 
Where you lean deep and hard into the nudge. 
Make crazy leaps as you lean into your intuition at a rate that’s uncomfortable, even for you. 
You’re relying so deeply on trust and faith. 
It’s a time for getting over yourself, fully transcending who you are right now. 
You’re embracing change and taking creative license all over the place.

You’re everchanging, growing and moving. 
Be>Build>Break and then back to the start again, BE>BUILD>BREAK.

Sometimes you’re doing all three things at once, in different areas, of life or business but often they flow together, because when you’re a driven, creative woman there’s not much difference between work and life. 
Driven and Creative is simply who you ARE.

So quit worrying about where everyone else is.

🎶 For every season, turn, turn, turn, there is a reason, turn, turn, turn 🎶

Don't ignore where you need to be because you’re so worried about what everyone else is promoting or saying you need.

If you need to BE, just BE
If you need to BUILD, do it strong. 
If you’re ready to BREAK, go for it!