There Are A Million Ways To Make Money Doing What You Love

Start your rain dance baby...

Meg. circa 2017 - I’m just gonna write and share my heart and tell you the truth. 
Oh wait, that was 2018 too. 😆 So, actually, that’s still me, except for one thing...

I flipped the switch this week. I fully stopped being ashamed of making money. 
Genuinely stopped caring if you think I’m a greedy bitch. 

Because, just NO. 
I KNOW my own heart and vision for what I’m creating and guess what? 
Ain’t gonna happen without some money honey. 

I was 11 when I knew I was going to make ALOT of money. 
Why? Cause VISION. 
I was sick at home, listening to the radio (yes, we had no TV when I lived in the dark ages). 
And I heard a woman called Christina Noble on the radio. 

She talked about her life and how she is changing kids lives in Cambodia. 
She’s giving them a home, preventing sex trafficking and showing them true love. 
To this day, her book, Bridge Over My Sorrows is one of the most loved books in my collection. 

Since then, in some way, I’ve always been making money and raising it. 
Building businesses. Selling whatever I dream up. 
Reminding people that money can help change peoples lives. 
But this week somethings changed. 

It’s about to RAIN
I just KNOW it. 
In my heart. DEEP in my soul. 

>> Not just for me. But for YOU. 
I already have a pretty beautiful life and I am the most content I’ve ever been in so many ways.
For sure I’m always open to more and I know it’s coming for me in a greater way
…. but I FEEL this in my bones. 

💰It’s time for the money to flow for YOU 💰

Because, stop telling yourself you can’t have that. 
That you can’t be a creative and make the cash. 
It’s a choice. There are a million ways to make money doing what you love. 
And a million things for you to do with it once you’ve got it. 

Will it be smooth sailing, probably not!. 
Is it possible - absolutely!

It won’t because you tick off a 20 point checklist. 
It’s WAY more simple than that. 
It’s a CHOICE. 

Yes, you will need to take risks. 
Yes you will pee your pants some days. 
But you choose or you don’t. 

I mean, do you think God is broke?! 
From what I’ve read the streets of heaven are paved with GOLD!!

What do you think might happen if some of that abundance ended up in your hands?
Maybe, just maybe, you’ll change your life and your story, 
… and then you’ll do it for someone else. 

So, quit hiding. 
Admit you’re ready to blow this thing up. 
The rain is coming.⛈💰

Get the buckets out. 
The jars, the tanks, the barrels. 
Dig a pond if you want to but GET READY!


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