I Don’t ‘Coach’ People. I Challenge Them.

> If you’re not wild inside, you’re not my people people <
There, I said it. Uncomfortable perhaps but true.  
Yeah, we can be friends I guess, but you’re not someone I would ever WORK with. 

Why? Because the people I work with DO want more. 
That’s not a slight on where anyone else is at.
The level you live at is always your choice and who cares what anyone from the outside things. 

It’s just that this is the reality of who I am and who I work with. 
Yes, we can take joy in the day to day but when push comes to shove we long for the open spaces and we find the joy there. 

You KNOW if that's you. 
You long for the wild spaces. 
The places where most other people aren’t going. 
The places in our hearts and business. 
The creative spaces that haunt us. 
We chase those spaces. 
The flow of words and ideas that are bigger than where we are right now. 

It’s not a visible thing. 
It’s a heart thing. 

But chances are, it also translates, at some point, into how you do your day to day life too. 
Into how you run your business. 
Your obsession with the unconventional. 

You don’t check if I’m the person to work with. 
You know it. 
And you’ll know if I’m not as well. 

Because I don’t ‘coach’ people. 
… Slowly and steadily helping them build up their courage muscle. Nope. 

They already have the courage. 
I am just the one who pushes them. Challenges them. Asks them the hard questions. Helps them dig into the truth they know inside. 

With full permission, because THEY want it. 
And they do mighty things. They build epic things. 
Not what anyone else thinks is great, but what they feel and know inside is the greatness THEY are born for. 

So, just incase you were thinking about doing Wealthy and Wild, or working with me 1:1, I thought we should clear that up.