I Want To Give WILDLY


So, I worked with a mentor last month on some stuff I'd felt that kept coming up for me and I've gotta be honest, it shook me. 

Before I got coaches the first time, I legit thought it was a big fat waste of money.
Partly cause I had loads of ideas on everything but mostly cause I had people in my world who'd mentored me for free and I didn't see why I should PAY someone. 

But even if the courses I did with mentors never made me money, (which they do I know cause I choose for it to.. duh..)
I would still do it now and pay happily, for the shifts I get in my heart. 

So, yeah, this last one, I blew up a bunch of thinking, bought myself the damn convertible instead of a practical little car, which seems trivial but it was a major mind screw.
And just tonight I owned another level of what I want to do. 

I want to give WILDLY.
Like, beyond normal giving. 
I don't even know how this is going to go down with clients yet but I've decided that my prices are going UP and EVERY one of my 1:1 clients are now 50/50.

50% to me, cause I believe we get to be paid well for our gifts and the shifts we bring. I KNOW I'm so good at getting people started, pushing them forward into their big wild creative lives and helping them see how they can make money out of that dream. So, yep, I get paid.

Then this is the extra exciting bit. 
>> 50% to building an Angel House! <<
They build homes for kids in India who are at risk of sex trafficking and I believe so hard in what they do. 
I've been talking about doing this for a while and I've decided it just gets to be apart of the bigness we release over the course of the work my clients and I do together. 

Oh and I'm blowing up my group I run too. 
Making it WAY more about the stuff that fires me up. Can't wait for that bit of fun in the morning!!

Man, you can't measure that stuff. 
If you're working with someone in any kind of service capacity never doubt that what you give them goes so much deeper that what you see on the surface!.

And if you're ready for some of that action. 
Some getting Wealthy and Wild, just do it already. 

Click the link now to find out more and join the fun.