It Happens When You Stand Up

*The rules don’t bend for you. Or change. Or get taken away* 
>> They get rewritten. 

By you. By the faith in your heart. 
The certainty in your soul - In the moments when your spirit leaps inside of you and says Yes!

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, or faint, or a little scary, but still you will remember that leaping. 
The deep knowledge of what is still to come. 

See it’s not a rules thing we’re here for. 
A pretty little join the dots. 

This is not tic tac toe. 
- It’s war -

The ultimate game of strategy. 
It’s war on the things that are slowing you down, pulling you back, threatening to devour you. 

- You can say you can’t. 
- Say you don’t know how, 
- Try to convince yourself it’s just not how it’s done. 

But your spirit, your soul, your deep knowing will tell you something else. 

It’s in those moments, when you tune in. 
That the shifts happen. 

The MONEY you’re hoping for, to pay bills, to take trips, to give generously, to change things.
The PEACE you’re looking for, the certainty and security. 
The PURPOSE WORK you’ve been stretching for, straining for, striving for that you KNOW is your destiny but chasing it has become drudgery. 

That breakthrough doesn’t happen because you made a plan. 

> It happens when you stand up <
You rewrite what everyone told you. 
Listen in to the deep calling deep of your heart and find the gold right there. 
Where it’s always been. 
Waiting patiently, next to your spirit wo/man. 
Waiting for you to STAND UP. 


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