You Get Stronger By Choosing To

Or writing a plan, or trying harder, or doing enough.

You get stronger by choosing to. 
By living through some stuff. By choosing to GROW. (and it’s true that sometimes you get stronger when you hang on by your fingernails!) 

But most of all, by letting who YOU are find a home in YOU. 

What you DON’T get stronger by and you need to run from right now..

🏃Having crappy friends who let you wallow in your drama.
[which btw is totally different than someone who sees you, hears you, gives you space to be and then says - now onwards]
🏃Doing the same thing that’s not helping you, on repeat. 
🏃Looking for all the answers from others ’strategies' and what’s worked for them. 
🏃Dreaming of good ideas and not taking ACTION. 
🏃 Spending time worrying about what others think of you. 

Girl I hear you. It’s HARD sometimes. 
Some mindless youtube surfing would dull the senses for a while. 
I’m not immune to all the dog reunion with their soldier owner vids either. 🐶
(Why do those make me cry?! Why?!) 

It’s cute and all but It’s covering up what you really NEED.
Which is to do your art. 
That thing you’re skilled at. 
The thing you love and it drives you crazy all at once. 
You know that thing right? The one you can’t NOT do. 

And its OK to want to keep doing it and get PAID. 
Even if it’s not working yet, you’re still moving in the right direction. 
Heading towards your heart and your call is always the right thing to do. 

There is ALWAYS something more to learn. 
The sooner you get ok with the fact that growth comes with the stretch and the learning, the more you’re going to settle down on the inside. 

And when you find the calm inside. 
The peace for the storm. 
When you let who you are find a home in you, 
> then you can build a strength that is not easily shaken < 

A strength that is not touched by all the stuff that threatens to swamp you. 
Not by the hormones, the break ups, the financial dramas, and the opinions of others.
Not even by your own boredom at the monotony of ‘normal people things’. 😱 [admit it - I know that's what you really think about regular people, doing all their regular day to day]. 

Really, when you're a driven creative woman, It all starts inside. 


— Wealthy and Wild --
Get started building a profitable business that honours your creative soul. 

I’ll teach you how you can build a creative business, around something you’re good at,
**while still honouring your art, the creativity and passion of what you do**

Girl, did you know the basic foundational things are the difference between being a delusional dreamer and a raving success. 💃 
The things like knowing: 
❗️How to check if your big idea has the potential to make the amount of money you need to live and do all the big things you’re dreaming about, (like the generous giving, the holidays, the studio, raising the family) 
❗️How to get your product, your service, your big idea, to the people who need it (and can PAY you!). 
❗️How to understand the basic financials enough so that you don’t undercharge - rookie mistake. 
❗️How to stop sabotaging yourself and procrastinating on the money making tasks you NEED to get done. (Tip - They’re probably not the ones you think they are! And no, doing them won’t crush your creative spirit to do them!)
❗️How to cover your taxes so you don’t get hit with a massive bill at the end of the year which wipes out any profit you make. 
❗️How to manage your time so you don’t wind up in a creative anxious frenzy, ignoring and losing the relationships that matter the most to you along the way.

I want, [and you know you do to], for you to go from being a wild wide eyed idea machine who’s secretly wondering if she’s going to fall to bits, with no money or friends left, because she’s been so wrapped up in the ‘idea’ and forgotten the essentials along the way...

To being a rock solid business woman. 
One who knows how to
- do the tasks that make cash, 
- manage your time so you’re doing the FUN things too instead of all the grind, 
- have great relationships that make your heart sing, 
- and continue to build on your $$ success every month with all the creativity and chaos that makes you who you are!.

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