Life Should Be Full Of Purpose And Joy


But it can make you a lot of money, send you around the world, and change peoples lives.

I'm sitting on the floor of my hotel tonight, wondering at what it looks like to run headfirst into your destiny.
Just like you, somedays I question it but I have realised again. I don't need to wonder. It is happening. Unfolding before me.
It's in every time I move closer in. Towards the nudge of my spirit.

In the looking for purpose I have lost my voice at times, faltered and stuttered then found it again.
Looked to the left and right at everyone else and then realised everything I need is inside of me.

Once you find your purpose, to others, it will look a little bit like obsession.
Like small mindedness even.
They will question if you’re balanced enough.
Why you’re choosing what you choose.

But that is because when you move closer in to the bigness of your purpose, when your vision is more and more consumed,
it’s taken up and filled with what really matters to you and you literally CAN’T see anything else.
All you see is purpose for days. Wild, consuming purpose.
In EVERY thing you touch, PURPOSE.

Yes, I can look around. I can see others, love and accept them for who they are.
Don’t mistake my focus for rudeness.

But as the vision unfolds, the plan unveils in front of me, I suddenly realise there is no time for all the standing on ceremony.

The political correctness of making sure I don’t offend everyone by saying everything just so and perfect and good like.


You can be where you be, and I make zero judgements on your path, but if this is for you...
- Let it shake you.
- Let it wake you.
- Let it unsettle and call you deeper.

See, I worried that if I was all about the call, the God dream in me, all about what I KNOW I’m supposed to do, that I would take out the fun.

That my focus made me too obsessed. Too serious. Not likeable.
And for some people it has that effect. They’re not interested in what interests me but here’s what I’ve discovered.

The focus actually dials up the FUN.
And life should be full of purpose and JOY. Hand in hand.

Fun while on mission towards something is the BEST kind of fun.
Like a road trip that is every bit as good as the arrival point.

When you grab your people and say ‘Lets go here!’ there is SO MUCH FUN to be had.

It is wild. It doesn’t make sense to everyone.
But with every mile you are driving right down destiny highway.

So be obsessive if you need to.
Drop the worry about what people will think of you.

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