It’s Your Art, In All The Ways It Comes Through You. 

>> Church girls who’re artists and creators, wild adventurers, it's time to WAKE UP <<

What are you doing chasing a stage, waiting for someone in church to see you and recognise your gift?
WHY are you hoping that someone will see your heart and finally promote you to some kind of leadership position and then you’ll finally be doing something that’s worthwhile. 
That may be one way forward, and good for you if it’s your path but can I just remind you...

❗️Your service to God is WHO YOU ARE. 
It’s your art, in ALL the ways it comes through you. 

It’s the echo of eternity on the pages you write. 
It’s the spark of fire and heaven when you sit at a piano. 
It’s the history of everything you’ve invented, coming together in this one thing that works. 
It’s the strokes of your brush as you bare your tortured soul. 

I only say this because I was you. 
> I was the good girl for so much of my life. The torn good girl. 
> Hoping I didn’t get it wrong by being too expressive. 
> Hoping they didn’t see when I did get it wrong. 
My dad, my church leaders, my peers. 
Praying they didn’t see all the questions and doubts I had about how to express myself and make mad amounts of money from what I loved doing. 
Wondering if they’d think I was crazy for always wanting more and having a new idea every 5 minutes. 

So I don’t say this to church bash. I’m not interested in doing that. 👌
Because I happen to think that ‘the church’ is you and me. 
People who believe in God and are attempting to contribute in some form of community with others who also love God. 
That’s never going to be perfect but at least we’re trying to live out faith in some way. 

So no, I’m not having a go here. 
I’m writing this directly for the girl who was me. 
The creative driven woman who feels repressed and itching to go with your next big idea, but you’re wondering if it’s ok? 
Is that allowed? Will ‘they’ approve? 
When the reality is, nobody’s probably worried at all if you want to do something a little different. 
The pressure is in YOU. 

And if they are, if any ugly religious, controlling stuff rears it’s small-minded head, guess what? 
They may control what happens within the doors of a particular organisation but that’s not the ONLY place where your gifts are supposed to be used. 
So find another way. 😱

See, the thing about honour, honouring leaders and the people who you’re connected with in a church is that you also get to honour YOURSELF. 
You get to honour God and the design he’s put in you. 
And if He has told you to move, to do, to BE in a certain way, you better be paying attention to that. 

Cause you’re not going to get to those pearly gates and wish you’d got some more permission. 😇
You’re not going to get there and hear him say ‘Did you check if you could do THAT?’. 

BE it NOW. 
Step into that greater design of who you are without worrying who’s gonna talk about it. 
Quit hoping the way you are is ok. 
It’s more than OK, it’s how God designed you so ummm.. WAY WAY WAY more than OK. 

❌ Stop waiting for permission and get started. 

There is a flow of money that is about to be released through the creative arts and creative thinking and if you’re not in it, you’re shortchanging the greater collective. 
When I say arts it’s not just painting. 
It’s speaking, design thinking in our public health sectors, tech innovation and business, and yes, the typical arts we know and love. 

So, if you want to know how to turn those creative ideas into money, I’m all about it. 
Want to know how to embrace the unconventional living and how to build a business plan from a creative feeling? Lets talk. 

I have learnt through years of trial and error, how to marry these realities. 
Your creative self and your driven mind.
Your desire to make something you do profitable and use it to be of service. 

I’m all about that deep creative reality and thinking.  
I’m the one who years ago walked out of the accountants office with my palms sweating and had to take a toilet break just to sit with my back to the wall and grab some deep shuddering breaths in an attempt to calm. 

Sitting on the cold tiles, I couldn’t see HOW I could take those numbers and make them work. 
How I would ever understand them enough to turn what I SAW, in my minds eye, as a creative vision into a real grown up business. 
Or how I would ever fit in those spaces as a legitimate business woman. 
All I knew was what I could see in front of me, just like all you can see is colour, movement, song, invention, change. 

What I know now is that you CAN do this. 
Put it all together, create a business out of it. 
Live and love through it. 
I really really believe you can. 
But only if you WAKE UP and stop looking for permission. 
Dare to look for your own unconventional pathway forward. 


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