You Have To Make The Moves, Every Day


My life is faaaabulous. 
Like, more than you know. 
Sometimes I worry it's a bit too MUCH. 

I’ve been playing a little small over here in my mind and I decided today I get to break that up some more. 

So, #truth
A day in the life... 

I get up, sort my kids (which mostly they do a lot of themselves now - yay for not having toddlers anymore!).
Take a shower in our epic outdoor bathroom and let that water hit my brain, switching off the left side and going full creative with my right brain flow. 
Say hey to my cleaner when she arrives. 
Jump in my super fun convertible mini that I love and drop the kids where they need to be. 

Then I go where my soul needs to go. 
The beach, a cafe, up a hill somewhere. 

I write, and write, until I’m done. 
Find God, find myself. 
I wait until my soul breathes out and is ready for the day. 

I get on my computer and write, much like this. 
Message some people I love. 
Make some new friends online. 
Check on my clients and products shipping around the world when I need to. 
Help some people. 

I run errands, see my extended family, do some admin stuff when I really have to. 
Talk with Evan about the finish we want on our new house and what’s happening on the build. 

Here’s the thing through.
That’s not how I made the money. 
Not to start with. 

And the start I was a hot mess. 
In pain, with kids hanging off me every second of the day. 
Product manufacturing going wrong on the other side of the world. 
NO clue what I was doing. 
We built this thing in the desert. 

And it would be wrong of me to stand here and tell you that you can just do what seems like nothing and your business will grow. 
You have to do SOMETHING. 
It’s probably not what you think it is, but it’s definitely SOMETHING. 
You have to make the moves, every day. 
In the direction of what you see for the future. 

At the start, it was a product based business, and that’s still a big part of what we do. 
But it’s not ALL. 
Because wealthy people have MULTIPLE streams of income. 
You know that right?!

Where I am now, and what I’m building is because of what I SEE.
I see a bigger and bigger business built on getting paid to be ME. 
Where I get to just show up and share from my heart. 
To motivate and kickstart people in the direction of their dreams. 
Helping them build businesses that mean they can do what they want with their days too. 

So I have to be MORE ME than I’ve ever been before. 
You don’t get where you want to be by doing altogether nothing. 

You get there by moving in the direction of what you SEE. 
KNOW what you are heading for and forget what anyone else is doing. 

So, what do you SEE?
Who do you know you’re designed to BE?
Quit with the excuses and start to move towards that now. 


>>>You need to work with me if you just can’t ‘SEE’ that life for yourself. 
If you know there is something you’re destined for but you don’t know what it looks like and how to get there. 
🔥I want you to hit that message button right NOW and tell me where you’re at. 
Then I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to get the business and life freedom you’re craving. 
Quit the excuses mmm kay!!!